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Which Is The Best Way To Remove Dog’s Hairs From Your Dog’s House?

Which Is The Best Way To Remove Dog's Hairs From Your Dog's House?

Dogs provide companion, and most people consider them part of their families. However, one of the challenges of taking care of your dogs is in cleaning the hair and any mess they leave behind. Pets, especially when shedding their hair, they leave a lot of hair in the kennel. But the good thing is there are easy ways to get rid of the hair including regular cleaning.

Secondly, grooming can be both a rewarding and exciting experience. However, the challenge can be daunting for many people. Dealing with pet hair is one of the most frustrating problems faced by pet lovers. Luckily we have prime tips to help remove pets’ fur from your living room or doghouses.


Vacuuming is one of the widely used methods to get rid of dog hair. It is the best way to remove pet hair from any surface. Run the vacuum into the corners, walls, and window sills using proper attachments. But, it is advisable to get a high-quality vacuum cleaner with powerful suction power. We recommend a vacuum that has HEPA (High-efficiency particulate arresting) filter. However, some surfaces and materials such as microfiber, cloth, and wooden surface are best cleaned without a vacuum.

Due to low humidity and static electricity in a home, pet hair can easily cling to the kennel surfaces. A humidifier can help to keep loose pet hair from clinging to the surface. It also makes breathing easier and skin more hydrated. Note, you should have a regular vacuuming schedule to keep the kennel free of pet hair. A humidifier prevents pet hairs from sticking on surfaces. It comes in handy during winter and cold season to prevent loose hairs and furs from sticking on carpets and floor surfaces.

Tips for vacuuming pet hair

Locating the hotspots of the dogs’ hair is the first thing you should do. This helps you to vacuum the dog house faster.

1. Protective covers

Blankets, slipcovers, and other protective covers provide the best way to protect the kennel from dog hair. They also shield the surface from pet droppings. Lastly, hair sheds on the protective covers can be easily taken out for cleaning.

2. Tools to use

Even before using the actual vacuum cleaner, vacuum attachments can help you deal with dog hair. The types of attachment depend on whether the surface is carpeted or hardwood. Another useful tool is the crevice attachment. Due to its powerful suction, crevice attachment is used to clean pet hair from different surfaces.

Remember, it is challenging to spot dog hair, especially on rugs and carpet, because they are light and tiny. Crevice attachment can suck hair even from the smallest hole. Another great tool is a floor brush. Floor brushes are made of flexible bristles that remove hair from carpets and other delicate fabrics.

Thirdly, before vacuuming the dog house, you should first dampen and sweep the carpets. Rubber brooms are the best for sweeping a carpet that is full of dog hair. However, avoid using too much water. This only makes it difficult to remove the hair. Rubber brooms are an effective way to remove pets gathered on the carpet. A dry mop is suitable for non-carpeted rooms.

3. Dampen the floor surface

Before vacuuming, you must dampen your mops for hardwood and vinyl floors. Sprinkle water on mops sparingly, before using on them on the floor. The hairs stick on the wet mops after rubbing the mops on the vinyl floors and hardwood floors several times.

4. Rubber gloves and dampens sponges

Rubber gloves are useful to get rid of dog hairs from the furniture. Place your hand on the litter spot and rub in one direction several times to pick up dog hair.

5. Vacuum floor in an alternative direction

When vacuuming pet hair, many people only vacuum in one direction. This is one mistake that will prevent you from doing a thorough job. While you will pick hair strands, you fail to do complete work. You should vacuum floors in different directions to pick up more hair.

Maintain your vacuum in a good shape

First, you should check the vacuum regularly to ensure it is not clogged. Also, ensure it is cleaned when the dirt is full. You should also do regular maintenance by checking brush rollers, cleaning your Roomba filter, and belts regularly. This ensures your vacuum is performing optimally.

If your dog house is made of bare floors, there are chances of fur hiding in the furniture. To effectively clean dog hair on tile or wood floor, use electrostatic dry mop or microfiber to sweep frequently. Unlike a vacuum, which can blow air all over, you may want to use an electrostatic dust mop. The exhaust of vacuum can send hair flying onto surfaces hence sabotaging the whole purpose of vacuuming. Similarly, brooms can send the dog’s fur flying in the air. Although expensive, the use of duct tape is an effective way of removing stick pet hairs. Dryer sheets also work wonders in picking up pet hair.

Before vacuuming a kennel, sprinkle baking soda over the carpeted floor to loosen up the hair. Dark corners and edges may also harbour plenty of hair, and that is why you need to use a rubber glove to sweep across the area.

Here is an important point. In addition to vacuuming the dog’s shed, you should also vacuum the dog itself. Also, get a quite vacuum cleaner because a noisy machine will stress and irritate your dog.

The procedure is, vacuum clean the back of your dog in one long move. Then vacuum the legs, dog’s chest and belly. But before all this, get a peaceful environment before starting to clean your dog. After the exercise, rewards the pet with treats. Combine brushing and grooming. Regular brushing can be very beneficial.


One of the best ways to get rid of pet hair is to vacuum the dog house regularly. If you use the right tips grooming should not be a big problem. However, if your dog is shedding too much fur, you should consult a professional. While there is no single method 100% effective in cleaning pet hair, mixing different approaches listed above with dealing with pet hair will make your dog’s kennel pet hair-free. Besides, pet cleaning requires the right tools. Lastly, you should also pay attention to the pet’s hygiene to minimize shedding.

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