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Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


Some of the Best Dog Training Tips

It is essential to teach your dog good manners around the house when they are new. If they are a puppy, it is best that you get started right away because it will be much easier for them to become accustomed to all the rules and behaviors.

For the next few weeks, you will have to look at each interaction with your dog as a way of teaching them some lesson. They will need to be trained on how to meet new people, wait quietly for dinner and how to be able to deal with the incoming puppy teeth. By interacting with your dog, you will be able to seamlessly infuse manners into him so that it can give way to more complicated training later on.

When to start

One of the most important things to do is to start at the right time. Though it is highly debated as to when one needs to start training their puppy, traditionally the vets have advised that it is best that you start training when the puppy or the dog has been fully vaccinated. However, new research suggests that the risk of your dog being undersocialized is much higher than the risk of any potential illness. It is said that the puppies can start their socialization classes at least 7 – 8 weeks of age, and they should get vaccinated 7 – 8 days before the first class begins.

Best tips for training

Previously, approximately 25 years ago, choke collars, or shock collars were usually used so that the owner could be the alpha in the relationship. However, over the years science has discovered that it is best to use positive reinforcement instead. This is where the training is a team activity where the owner is more of a parent is working with their dog to achieve their goals.

Positive reinforcement

Favorable treatment in general means that the parent of the dog rewards them with a treat when they do as they are told, but not punish them if they have done something wrong. A lot of the negative punishment methods would involve giving them a foul treat or punishing them physically. This means that the next time you take your dog outside to train, or if you are teaching them around the house then make sure that you have their favorite type of chew toy treat like Flavorit Bone or BarkBone.

Let them relax

The best thing that you can do for them after they come back from training school is to help them relax. You can whip out the Nylon Antler, Nylon Pig Ear, or Rawhide Style Bacon BarkBone dog chew toys to help them unwind. The first few days will be a little problematic for them since they are new and still getting to know their surroundings. This is when they need you the most.

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