Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys

Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


Best Dog Breeds for People with Children

Dogs have been described as man’s best friend, and they are a fine friend to your kids as well. The right sort of dog will make a wonderful companion playmate for your young ones. Unfortunately, not all dogs are suited to living with families that have children. They either don’t have the right temperament or energy levels, or they are too big and strong to keep around the little ones (alternatively they could be too small!). Read on as we examine what in our view are the best dog breeds out there for people with children. And check out PupsBest for everything from top dog care tips to info on the best extra large dog kennel on the market.

Bull dog

If you want a pooch that’s guaranteed to take a liking to your little ones, then the bull dog is a safe bet. Sturdy and well-built, these hounds are also very docile and gentle, and they make extremely loyal companions. They are comfortable living in spacious houses and small apartments alike. They also get on well with other pets, and aren’t perturbed by the existence of frequent visitors. They are not the most playful and energetic of dogs, however, so if that is more your – or your kids’ style – then look elsewhere.


Another fine choice for families due to their compact size, high energy levels, and calm, easy going temperament. They also love romping around outside and exploring new environments, so if your kids also like spending time outdoors, then they will surely love this dog. They tend to get along well with other pets also.

Bull Terrier

These dogs have rather an unfair reputation for aggression and hostility, but actually they are highly loving, friendly dogs – to adults and children alike. And because they are so well built and resilient, they make a most suitable companion for rambunctious, energetic children who still aren’t quite sure how to properly treat pet dogs.


Apart from their highly distinctive appearance which, incidentally, your children will love, Poodles are also very gentle, intelligent, and empathetic dogs that you can be sure will get along really well with your kids. Depending on the breed, they can also be very adventurous, playful animals. And because they are available in different sizes (including miniature!), you are able to get yourself a dog that best matches your lifestyle and living environment. What’s more, they shed extremely little, so are a fine option if your children are prone to allergies.

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador retriever is one of the more popular dog breeds out there, among adults AND children alike. These dogs are patient, playful, loyal, protective, reliable, and very intelligent also (which makes them super-easy to train) – they basically tick all the boxes you look for in a pet dog. They are very active dogs as well, which makes the a good option for families with children – your kids will be sure to give them a good run around! They get on well with other pets – and humans – and another advantage they possess is that they have very short coats, so they don’t shed much and don’t require regular grooming.

Golden retriever

These dogs also make a fine companion and play-mate for your children – they are at once intelligent, playful, patient and loyal. Did we say playful? These dogs love to have fun, whether it’s a game of frisbees or romping around amidst the waves at the beach. Because of that fact alone, your kids will instantly fall in love with these pooches.

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