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Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


Best Dog Breeds for Children

Do you find your family complete? Well, with that, we do not mean on adding a family member in the form of a child or a life partner etc. but what we want to indicate is the need of adding a pet. When you decide on adding a pet, you may want to get a dog. This is what most people would think of because dogs are fun and not only do they become your pet, but also your best friend.

Some of the parents might be concerned about leaving the dogs around their kids. So here are a few suggestions of dog breeds that are best to leave around your children!

1. Labrador retriever:

The breed to top this list is none other than a Labrador retriever! Most needy of love, care and affection – these pups are best at reciprocating. They are calm, patient, friendly and sweet. Not only this, they are loaded with innocence and their demeanor attracts kids towards them easily. Amazingly caring, they will look after your baby even in your absence.

2. Beagles:

This cute creature is someone who thrives for companionship and love. Thus it is one of the best around human beings, specifically kids! They cannot stay alone for a long time and will come to you asking to play or spend time. They are the followers of scent and would even jump fences for them. There innocent activities around the house make them a bit too adorable!

3. Pug:

Your kids love watching movies? Well, they will have a companion to snuggle on the couch and enjoy the movie with food. They are extremely foodie and will pose innocent expressions to get their way. Weighing just 15 pounds or so, all they need is a play session, some food and a long drawn HUG!

4. Collie:

This is one of the smartest dog breed and thus is a smart pick to be left around the kids. Collies come in the variations of rough and smooth, thus you can get any one as per your convenience. If your kids are allergic to fur – then smooth is the answer!

5. Poodle:

If custom dog is a thing, then poodle is the breed that got us familiar with the innovation. These dogs are extremely cute and friendly. They have a welcoming nature that suits most children well. They are comparatively easy to train in-house and thus become adapted to seeing kids around. The plus point about them is that they are among the hypoallergenic dog breeds and thus safe to pet!

6. Bichon Frise:

Check one of their pictures online – you will automatically fall in love. Extremely adorable, and with an easy going nature; they are deemed to win hearts. Just like a fluff ball, your kids will enjoy playing with them.

7. Mutt:

Not really classified as official breeds, they are cute, energetic as easily adaptable. They are among the mixes that aren’t adopted easily and they crave for human love and attention – thus do well around kids!

Tell your kids that you are getting them a new best friend.

Cute Photo @Bentley_the_Poodle

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