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Benefits of Owning a Small Dog

Are seriously considering bringing a dog into your life, but you’re not sure whether a small dog breed is what you need? To start with, a dog is a great responsibility, so you need to think well if you have room in your daily schedule and willingness to give it the right amount of attention. Dogs are like children and they need our care for as many years as they have to live. So, while it can be very rewarding to have a dog, being a dog owner will generate costs and will request your attention on a constant basis. Still, if you do want to have a dog, you may want to know all about the benefits of owning a small dog and why this can be the best choice in your case.

They are easier to maintain

A small dog will always be easier to maintain. Regardless if they have a long or short coat, due to their small bodies there won’t be too much fur to deal with. Not to mention that there are so many small dog breeds that don’t shed or shed very little. You can even find small dog breeds with a hypoallergenic coat, so it will be a win-win situation from all points of view. Also, if you want to take your companion to a dog salon, the costs to give it a cut or other treatments will definitely be lower than in the case of a larger dog.

Small dogs live longer

Believe it or not, small dogs have a much longer lifespan than large dogs, in spite of what you may think. Thus, a dog belonging to a large breed, like the German Shepherd, for example, may live up to 10 years. But a Miniature Poodle, on the other hand, can live 15-16 years, even more in some cases. So, if you chose a small dog, you won’t have to think about saying goodbye too soon. Of course, how much a dog lives depends very much on the genetic baggage and state of health of a dog. This is why it is extremely important to get your dog from responsible dog breeders.

Premier Pups is an online website that wishes to connect future dog owners with their dream puppies, by focusing on quality and healthy puppies. Charlotte Dogs Club is among the responsible companies that sell small pups only from responsible and trustworthy dog breeders, so you can enjoy a beautiful and healthy puppy.

They generate lower costs with food and supplies

A small dog will eat very small portions of food, so the costs at this chapter will be insignificant. This way, you will be able to afford to offer your dog premium food, which is extremely important for maintaining a great state of health and a shiny coat. Other supplies, such as snacks, shampoo, clothing items, and so on, also come cheaper, as they will last longer in time and require a smaller amount of material to be made.

It won’t be a hustle to take it along wherever you may go

It will be much easier to take your dog to places and travel with it, as it doesn’t occupy too much space and, when it is needed, it can even be carried in a special bag. Also, it is worth considering that in the case of hotels that accept dogs, smaller breeds will always have much higher chances to be accepted than larger breeds. Of course, your dog will have to be well-behaved and you should walk it in a leash on the premises of the hotel at all times.

They will look cute and cuddly even in their adult years

Probably the best part of owning a small dog is that it will still have some puppy traits even in its adult years. If you have a small dog breed with a longer coat, giving it a puppy cut will only underline this aspect. Considering that many people would like having a dog that looks like a puppy for as long as it is possible, opting for a small dog will have this part covered for sure.

They are easier to sleep with

Napping on the couch or even cuddling in bed at night is easier when you have a small dog. Just imagine trying to split your bed with a Great Dane. Most certainly the Great Dane will win over most of your bed. So, if you want to have a warm soul with you at night when you go to bed, and still make sure you’re going to rest well, get a small dog. Just do be careful if you want to sleep with it while it is still a puppy, so you won’t roll over it.


You have to admit that these are very good reasons why a small dog is a much better option. If you care about your budget, would like a dog that is easier to handle, and won’t create space issues, a small dog breed is always best.


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