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Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


Benefits of Taking Dogs to Work

Imagine if you could take your furry friend to work with you, everyday, for the entire eight hours. It’s now possible in some offices where the ‘no dog’ policy has been made null and void. In these offices, dogs are welcome all the time, with good reason. Corporations have found that when they allow employees to bring their pets to work, the employees’ performance standards improve.

For starters, people are better able to interact with each other. When a colleague asks about your dog’s name you automatically start talking and get to know each other, creating a sense of togetherness and trust in the workplace.

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The employees can take their dogs for a walk during lunch breaks instead of hiring someone to do the work for them. This way, the employee gets some exercise, as does the dog. It’s a win-win situation because the owner and dog get exercised and at the same time save the money that would have been used to pay someone else.

What comes to mind when you walk into an office and the first sight that welcomes you is a fluffy white terrier? It gives you the impression of an office that is flexible, and an environment where workers are comfortable and their work is respected. The reason why most people hate Mondays and going to work is because the comforts of home are not present in the office. If an employer can make an office feel flexible and comfortable by allowing dogs in the office, the employees will enjoy working and consequently perform better in their work.

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In some offices, it is common for workers to work long hours and long days, resulting in mental and physical fatigue. Bringing dogs to such an office offers a break from the strenuous work. For example, when a worker has to take her dog out for a walk or a bathroom break, she gets a break from her work which she wouldn’t otherwise have taken If she didn’t have her dog with her. She comes back refreshed and able to tackle her work.

Large corporations such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon allow their employees to bringman’s best friend to the office. Even outgoing president Barack Obama takes along the family dog, Bo, to work sometimes. These corporations must know something that the rest of us are only now realizing.

Here at Pet Qwerks, we bring our dogs to work. We now have 3 dogs – Jack, the boxer; Pepper, the Great Dane and Billy, the Mini Aussie. They all can’t be in the same room though due to their size difference. They do however play at least once a day. Jack runs the whole office like the big Boss and Pepper runs the warehouse. It gets a bit annoying occasionally when they start barking out loud especially when you’re talking on the phone. One time Jack escaped the double-doors to the warehouse and started playing with Pepper. All in all, they bring so much love, happiness and positive energy at the office!

Benefits of Taking Dogs to Work

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