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The Benefits and Challenges of Having Pets in the Workplace

The Benefits and Challenges of Having Pets in the Workplace

Pet love and pet obsession can reach to a point where even work seems mundane and dull without them. After considering the fact that pets have the power to make any boring setting or day go joyful and exciting, of late, dogs in workplaces are allowed to overcome a pedestrian setting.

Even though it is a great thing to take furry friends over to places where one works, it comes with its own set of pros and cons. It can have both positive and negative impacts over how one works or carries forward one’s usual functions. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits and changes of having pets and dogs in the workplace:

Benefits of having pets in the workplace:

1. Constantly working can cause a lot of stress in an employee. This, in return, can affect the productivity levels in them. The best way to curb this is through having pets at the workplace. Having four-legged friends, such as dogs, in the workplace, can help one take off strain and tension, while ensuring that one’s productivity levels are not negatively impacted.

2. When employees will have less stress at work, they would naturally live a healthier lifestyle. Their blood levels would be in moderation. They would involve themselves in physical activities and would overall have a productive day at the office.

3. Having pets at work helps employees to have an exciting and joyful break, off from their normal routine. They can spend their lunch times with their pets, as they come with no obligations. They can have an active lifestyle, even at work, by the reason of taking their dogs out for walks or bathroom breaks.

4. Having pets over at work is more like having friends and family over work. They feel less pressured and more involved. They feel comfortable around themselves and can be themselves. Pets are also great conversation starters. People can communicate with each other over their pets. Work relationships improve and people are encouraged to work in a friendlier and more active environment.

Challenges of having pets in the workplace:

1. Even though pets are the friendliest creatures on planet earth, they can be a huge distracting factor. People can spend long hours playing with the pet, without being concerned about their work time and thus get diverted.

Pets in the Workplace

2. As unfortunate as it sounds, pets are messy. They can break things, litter around the office space, climb over precious objects, leave paw marks all over expensive furniture, have feces all over the place, and much more.

3. Many other employees may be allergic to certain pets. They would not be able to handle living around a pet for very long. Some of the employees can also be scared of pets. They may not be comfortable living around pets and they can send them jitters.

4. Pets can occupy space in the workplace which may otherwise be used for some other purpose. They may also themselves be not comfortable, living in an enclosed space for too long.

5. Many dogs may not enjoy a lot of human attention. They may get overwhelmed by crowds and this can also have a negative impact on their health. Try giving them a BarkBone to divert their attention and so they will be entertained while you finish some work. Check out our positive BarkBone Reviews.


A large number of workplaces have started allowing pets. This was possible only after studies that proved that having pets in a workplace can have a healthy impact on an employee. Even though there are many challenges that one may face when having a pet at their office, the benefits that come out of having them, overweighs it.

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