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Some Benefits of Adopting from a Dog Shelter/Rescue Centers

When most people first think about owning a dog or a puppy, they think about buying either from a pet shop or from a reputable breeder. There is another option open to new dog owners, and that is adopting a dog from a shelter/rescue centers. The fears that usually accompany this option are that the dogs in shelters are dumped there because they have health or behavioural issues. The truth is there are a good number of dogs in shelters who were given up by loving owners who due to different circumstances could not continue to keep their pets, such as because they had to move or they became incapacitated.There are several benefits that come with adopting a dog from a shelter.

For one you know you are saving a life. Statistics show that every year, millions of dogs are euthanized in shelters either because they have serious health issues or they have aggressive behaviour that is caused by careless handling by former owners. By adopting a dog from a shelter, you are taking a dog that could have been stuck in the shelter and maybe ended up being euthanized, and giving him a new lease at life. Just like any other dog, dogs from shelters need love and patience before the new owner can see the best from the pet. If you put in the work needed and are patient with the dog he will in return give you the fulfilling love that only a canine friend can give.

Dogs from reputable breeders and pet shops come with an expensive price tag. Dogs from shelters are not quite as expensive, and considering that whether you buy or adopt a dog the expenses of maintenance are the same, it is a good deal if you can get a bargain when acquiring the dog.

The added benefit of adopting from a shelter is variety. There are all manner of dogs residing in shelters. If you need a puppy, that can be arranged. If you want an adult dog, that too can be arranged. There are also purebreds if you prefer a certain breed of dog, as well as mutts if you need a unique dog with a mix of abilities thanks to his mixed ancestry.

Most shelters ensure the dog’s health records are available to the new owner before releasing the pet. They also make sure the dog is spayed and vaccinated. In case the dog came to the shelter from a former owner, they let the new owner know how the pet behaved in his former home. Also, the dogs normally have basic training. When the owner has this information at hand they are in a position to make an informed decision and pick a dog that is best suited to their way of life.

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