Basic Safety Measures for Living with Dogs

Basic Safety Measures for Living with Dogs

Dogs are much like children; there really isn’t much difference when it comes to taking care of them. When you decide to live with a dog, you need to make sure you carry out all kinds of safety measures to ensure that both you and your dog are far from harm. But, of course, that’s easier said than done when you’re in the dark. So what are the safety measures that you should take?

Well, here are a few that you can look into:

1. It’s really no surprise how much dogs love to chew and tug. That means if you have any electrical wires out, you better watch out! It’s not just about the fact that either you or your puppy could trip on them. It’s about how they could start tugging on them and might end up electrocuting themselves!

2. It’s important to watch out for the food. There might have been a time when you thought it was okay to leave food lying around but once you get a pup, all of that goes out the door. They’ll eat anything that seems interesting to them and that means they might end up eating things that are toxic too. This includes yeast products and chocolates!

3. Here’s a question – is your home’s beauty more important to you than your puppy’s health? No? Then you should really reconsider curtain drapes and strings. What happens is that, when playing, they could end up getting strangled with the strings wrapped around their neck. Of course, you can always keep your drapes but make sure they’re tied up and away from your puppy’s reach.

Basic Safety Measures for Living with Dogs

4. Next, keep your garage door closed at all times! This isn’t about your dog running out into the street, but the garage is usually where the harmful chemicals are kept. In order to make sure that they don’t accidentally drink anything toxic, simply keep them away from your pets reach. This also applies to cupboards where the detergents and laundry cleaners are kept.

Essentially, make sure that you keep them locked at all times.

5. Study your pets and know which plants are harmful for them and which are safe. Not all plants can harm your dogs but it’s important that you keep yourself up to date to avoid any mishaps that might occur.

Basic Safety Measures for Living with Dogs

6. Keep a vet’s number with you at all times. Dogs can end up chewing on things or even ingesting harmful things without your knowledge. Instead of looking into and researching for vets at that time, make sure you have their number saved in your phone. This saves trouble and might even save your pup’s life.

7. Lastly, make sure that your dog is exposed to different people and situations once you bring them in. The more they are exposed and taught to behave, the lesser the chances of surprises occurring. Dogs can be really sensitive so try not to ignore them and you both will get along just fine!

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