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Does Baking Soda Kill Fleas? Get Rid of Fleas with Baking Soda

Does Baking Soda Kill Fleas?-Get Rid of Fleas with Baking Soda

When it comes to your pets, house, and family you want them to be as safe as possible. Of course, you would be willing to do whatever it takes to makes sure that discomfort does not fall on any of them. This is while you should make sure that your home is free of fleas. While the opening may should a bit dramatic fleas can cause major issues to not only your pet’s well being but your family’s too. There are a number of ways to get fleas out of your house and one of them includes household ingredients like baking soda.

Yes, baking soda (plus table salt) can kill flea larvae and their eggs as not to have more uninvited guests in your residence.

How it Works and How to Use It

Baking soda and salt is a mixture that dehydrates the eggs and larvae stopping the process of them spreading. Since the eggs and larvae will become dehydrated since every living organism needs water to live, this will surely kill them off no question. It is also safe for animals and children. However, it is advised to keep animals away while you spread the mixture in case they have any open wounds or cuts since salt can sting them. You would need to:

  • Have tons of baking soda and salt to cover your home.
  • See that the baking soda is active. That you are using baking soda that has not been open for the past month.
  • See what to cover when bug bombing (applying the baking soda and salt).
  • Make sure that you spread it on the carpets, couches and even bedding.
  • Make sure that the mixture goes to the bottom of the carpets and not merely rest on top of it.
  • Leave the mixture overnight so that it can dry out the eggs and larvae.
  • Vacuum thoroughly where the baking soda and salt has been applied.
  • Empty the vacuum cleaners bag or canister away from your home once you have finished. You would want to make sure that no fleas make their way back to where you live.
  • Repeat the steps above in a few days to make sure that you

What More Can You Do?

As mentioned earlier there are a lot of ways to rid your house of fleas. The basic is to:

  • Vacuum regularly and clean out the vacuum cleaner a fair distance away from your house.
  • Wash your bedding, pet’s bedding, and your clothes in a washer or just use a dryer on a mid to high temperature setting depending on what your clothes and bedding can withstand. This should be able to kill the fleas, eggs, and larvae and you can see the result in the lint catcher. 
  • Mow you yawn. This could be able to kill wandering fleas on the way to your house as well as decrease the chances of them hiding in the high grass waiting to catch a ride on your pets.
  • Check your pet for fleas and take a visit to the vet if you discover them. They would be able to give you treatments and advice on what to do and how to do it. It can be from getting your pets a flea collar or bathing them with a shampoo designed to go after fleas, to name a few.

Killing fleas is not a small task and can require a lot of time as well as effort. But the payout will be worth it to keep your house pest clean while your family and pets live itchy-free.

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