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All About Purebred Dogs

As far as purebred dogs go, my favorites are Boxers, Rottweillers, and Labradors in no particular order. I just love large breeds so I already own these three, and I hope to one day own a Great Dane or a St. Bernard.

May 1st is the National day set to celebrate purebred dogs. The most pronounced advantage of purebred dogs is their predictability. Like I have said above, I love large breeds. With a purebred dog I can always rest assured that I want a Rottweiler, I will have a large dog.

All About Purebred Dogs

Their physical traits are predictable so it’s easy to choose the dog you prefer. If you like large dogs like me, you know which breed to go for. If you like a white dog you know to go for a Japanese spitz. If you want a lap dog you know a Chihuahua can never disappoint.

These dogs are bred with certain characteristics that the breeders wanted to maintain, and that’s a good thing because it offers you the flexibility to choose a breed with the exact traits you wish to have in a pet.
The dogs also come with some disadvantages that you have to live with. If for instant you choose a Poodle, you get the benefit of a beautiful dog but you also get the expense of having to maintain his coat either by grooming him yourself or taking him to a professional groomer. These traits are part of the purebred’s traits and you are stuck with them as long as you have him in your life.

In addition to their physical traits, purebreds also have predictable temperaments and behaviors. For instance if you decide to go for a German shepherd, he is likely to be very protective towards the family because the breed is meant primarily as a security dog. The breed is also high energy, meaning that even if you just want him for a pet he will still have a lot of pent up energy. You have to be able to maintain him by taking him for regular walks and engaging him in activities that stimulate his brain. Otherwise, he will find a way to expend the extra physical and mental energy by wrecking havoc in your household.

All about purebred dogs

Whether you want a high energy dog to go for morning runs with or you want a dog that is laid back and companionable, you can get the dog that is right for you. Just do your research and decide which breed suits your needs.

Whichever breed you go for, make sure to provide a loving environment for your pet and give him proper basic training to make your time together fun.

All About Purebred Dogs

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