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Adventures for Dogs and their Parent’s Bucket List

Adventures for Dogs and their Parents Bucket List

If you are a dog owner, you must be familiar to the fact the dog is not only a pet, but a part of your family – precisely, he is like a child. The way you plan for your kids, you can also plan for your dogs. In fact, you actually should. In case you have not chalked out an adventure bucket list for your dog, then this list might prove to be helpful for you.

1. Celebrate Halloween together:

Why don’t you celebrate the next Halloween with your dog? Take them to the nearest pet-friendly Halloween party! They will love it. It will be different – something that is exclusive of their routine. Also, you can dress them up as per the Halloween theme as well. You must be familiar of the three-headed dog in the Harry Potter series, FLUFFY!! Become Hagrid and dress your dog as fluffy! You, the dog and everyone else will love it.

2. Go for hiking:

Take your dog on a hiking adventure. It can be an excursion to any mountainous area or can also be a visit to the national park. Make sure that the weather of the mountainous area is dog-friendly. Also the national park should have a pet-friendly policy. Your fluffy friend will love you for it. You may search online about the best national parks for dogs and plan your trip likewise.

3. Set up a doggy date:

Your dog will actually enjoy if you set him up with another dog of the opposite gender. Just like you would go out on a casual date, your dog can go out as well. You can search for a dog mate online or can ask other dog owner friends to set up a date for you and their dog. It shall be fun. You can meet new people in this way and also see your dog enjoying.

4. Stargaze:

Have fun in the dark as well. Drive to the nearest mountain top. Take all the essential with you – a blanket, picnic basket, food, mats and obviously your dog! The fresh air is going to refresh both of you. Spend quality time with your dog. You can meditate, soothe yourself with the cool breeze and stargaze! This is not something that every dog and dog owner would do. All fit for the adventure bucket list!

5. Visit a dog-friendly winery:

This is something very uncommon. Most people have a perception that wine is only for humans, but you should know that dog-friendly wineries are the next big thing! A few wineries actually welcome dogs and have special wine options for them. You can raise a toast with your furry fella.

6. Go on a ghost tour:

Let’s hope that you aren’t scared of the ghosts! Even if you are, take the furry companion along! Hit the local ghost tour spots! This is going to be exclusive, one of its kind and fun.
If you have already been working on the adventure bucket list for your dog, then you may add some of these!

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