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What are the Advantages for Kids that Grow up with Dogs?

What are the Advantages for Kids that Grow up with Dogs?

While many say that a dog is a man’s best friend, you might also consider the saying that a dog is also a child’s best friend. Many people don’t stop and consider the arguments for having a pet when you are a child. It actually comes with a lot of benefits that can help you in the future when you become an adult.

Some parents are actually scared of allowing their kids to have a dog. Some think that certain breeds of dogs are not going to benefit a child. Actually, Dobermans are good with kids and there are a lot of dog breeds that on the surface seem menacing but are okay to keep around your children.

Let us explain why there are benefits having your kid grow up with a dog and next time you might reconsider when your child is begging you to get one.

Learn Responsibility

If you want to teach your child responsibility or getting them to learn a valuable life lesson, having a pet to take care of is the best way to do it. Children that grow up with dogs are immensely more responsible than those that don’t.

From an early age, your child will learn to take care of the dog. While they make sure that the dog is fed, that it has gone for a walk, that it is entertained, they will learn all the responsibilities that they will continue on employing when they grow up.

Makes Kids Healthier

Certain studies were able to show that kids who grow up with pets, but especially dogs, have healthier lives. The studies indicate that this is especially important during their first year of infancy. The research suggests that this is due to the fact that kids increase their immune system this way.

By having a cuddle buddy when they are young, kids strengthen their immune system and generally get sick less often. Also, when they do get sick they needed less time to recover and also a smaller dose of antibiotics compared to children that didn’t grow up with dogs.

Enhancing Emotional Intelligence

While many parents are concerned about their child’s IG, they also need to consider the EQ. Emotional intelligence is a necessary path towards becoming a righteous human being. It helps determine right from wrong and enables us to care better for the people around us.

Having a dog that you play around and care for when you are a child allows for your emotional intelligence to develop. You don’t value only yourself but you value people around you. The dog is the first thing that you start caring for and you later transfer it to the closest ones around you. It also helps to create empathy and also helps in building a child’s self-esteem.

More Exercise

Many parents have a lot of problems prying their kinds from computer screens and phones. That wasn’t the problem so much until computers developed but contemporary times have created this sort of predicament that hampers all our children. But the solution is easier than you thought – get your child a dog.

If you have an energetic dog your child will be able to play with it all the time. They can run around and go for a walk and do all kinds of things together. That way, your child will get all the exercise it needs. They are still going to use phones and computers but a lot less. And they get the exercise they need to develop their bodies properly.

Enhance Social Skills

Kids with dogs develop social skills much faster. Not only that by they also create better and deeper bonds with their siblings. There are a lot of problems with kids in developing their social skills. Some never get to develop it and end up with social anxiety that is hard to fix when they get to their elder age. But a dog can fix all of that.

Playing around with a dog will allow other kids to join in. Other kids will join in and your child will get to talk to them. This will only keep growing as the child gets older and before you know it, it will have a healthy way of dealing in social situations.

Help Kids Read Better

Believe it or not, a dog will actually help your child get better at reading. Of course, the dog is not going to do anything extreme like stand guard while the child studies or teach the kid letters. Actually, the dog is there just to help them with their confidence.

When learning to read, especially out loud, it comes with a lot of anxiety issues. Young readers need to get over that hump so they can get confidence that will allow them to stress out and get better at it. Reading a dog is a good way to do it. A child trusts its dog and will not have any anxiety reading to it and will eventually get better at reading.

Growing Up Alongside a Companion

It is hard to make friends when you are a kid. Especially if you are living in an area where there are not a lot of peers or kids the same age. Going to school does help, but when you are at home you still need companionship. Growing up with a dog will enable a child to grow up with a friend and not be lonely.

Kids who grow up with a dog are more talkative and learn various skills faster than others. If they don’t have a friend close by to play with a dog is the next best thing. Especially if the dog is a similar size to the kid it makes things a lot better and easier.

Kids Become Cuter

Just take a look at all the photos of kids and their dogs and you will see what we are talking about. It is not a legitimate science nor is there any official researches done, but it seems that this is true. Kids that grow up with a pet are far cuter than the ones that don’t.

Author’s Bio:
Carolin is a contributor for a number of high-class blogs and she is definitely a dog person, Carolin is in constant search for new natural ways to support her beautiful doberman Bela and many more out there to live a happy and care-free life.

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