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What You Absolutely Need to Know About Being an Eco-Friendly Dog Owner

What You Absolutely Need to Know About Being an Eco-Friendly Dog Owner

Maybe before you bought a dog, you didn’t realize that you’d have to compromise on the eco-friendly side of things. But now that your furry best friend is in, you can’t get over how much you are contributing to environmental degradation.

You aren’t happy with having to give up on your eco-friendly nature because you have a dog now. However, where there is a will, there is a way!

While initially, it may seem impossible to get out of your cycle, you will see how you can change into an eco-friendly dog owner one step at a time.

We’ve found some solutions for you that can get you right back on track!

1. Trail After Pets

We don’t mean for you to frighten your dogs by following around them all the time. But when you do take your dog outside, keep an eye on it because you are responsible for any mess that it makes. And by mess, we mean feces!

It is very unpleasant to have to clean your dog’s waste off the middle of the road but it is good for the environment as well as the sign of a responsible dog owner. Many diseases can spread from the waste and it may pollute other waterways as well as infect other dogs.

Another thing that you should remember as an eco-friendly dog owner is that carrying a plastic bag is not how you should be cleaning up after them. If you’re taking them outside then you should grab your pooper scooper so that you can put it directly in the trash instead of the plastic.

2. Biodegradable Disposal

Pooper scoopers are a great way to be an eco-friendly dog owner, however, on the days when you completely forgot to carry it with you; you can keep some biodegradable disposal bag right into your car or handbags. They are made out of healthier material like paper. It can compost in less than 6 months unlike plastic which will sit around for years.

3. Composting

Composting your dog’s waste may be a little bit of a complex and time-taking procedure and less feasible based on where you’re living. However, if you do have the time for it and are really dedicated to the cause then composting your dog’s poop can help prevent the pollution of waterways by turning the hazardous waste into fertile manure?

4. Lessen Chemicals

Your pet-safe shampoos and detergents are loaded with all types of chemicals, and these products can’t be done away with either due to their integral need in your dog’s life. You probably have most of the products that are used to rid your dog of pet dander, fleas or ticks.

However, switching to more organic versions may work just as well for your dog. Try out some organic ones with citrus extracts. For more serious environmentalists, you can look up ways to make these products on your own with castile soap, vinegar or olive oil.

5. Control Diet

Controlling the calorie intake of your dog will not only help the environment but also the dog. Pets nowadays are fed much more than they are supposed to be fed in the first place which leads to heavier bodies. No dog owner would want their dog to be lethargic and sick, simply lying around all day. Decreasing their intake of red meat can help keep them healthy and can also reduce the load of meat production.

6. Toys are for Your Dogs

Did you know canines cannot see any color? Then why have you been investing in colorful and electronic dog chews? Most of the times, the reason that dog owners buy these fancy toys for their dogs is to gain the satisfaction of giving their dogs the best products.

However, a dog can literally not tell the difference between different colors. Moreover, such fancy toys are quite harmful for the environment during both- their production as well as disposal process. To be an environmentally responsible dog owner, you can make your own toys for your dog by tying a couple of knots on an old t-shirt. You can also look up more DIY toys for your dogs.

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