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9 Dog Walking Skills To Look For When Choosing A Dog Walker

9 Dog Walking Skills To Look For When Choosing A Dog Walker

Every owner seeking any kind of pet care knows how difficult it can be to choose that special person to take care of your furry friend. If you’re looking for a dog walker and have high standards as most pet owners do, you may be having trouble choosing the right one.

In addition to the basics that include insurance, proper training, and good reviews, there are certain dog walking skills you should look for in a dog walker. It’s important to go over the crucial personality traits, and professional skills that will guarantee your pet is in good hands.

We’ve prepared a concise dog walking skills list for you to check when choosing a dog walker:


The whole point of having a dog walker is to be able to run to them in case of an emergency or to be able to schedule an unplanned walk at almost any time. A good dog walker has to maintain a flexible schedule and always strive to be adaptable to any changes. The last thing you need is a dog walker turning you down when something unexpected comes up. A professional with a flexible schedule will ensure your dog always has someone to take care of him when you’re away.

Organizational skills

When it comes to good dog walking skills, being able to organize everything properly is essential. Organized people are more efficient and more capable of obtaining proper order that brings comfort for both the pet and the owner. A dog walker with good organizational skills won’t leave a mess behind them, and they will make sure your dog always gets the exercise he needs, so he doesn’t focus on your slippers. Organizational people are more trustworthy and have better management skills than those who do things chaotically. An organized dog walker will give you a sense of control and give you peace of mind that your pet is always in good hands.


Punctuality is one of the crucial dog walking resume skills you should look for in a dog walker. Dogs need to maintain consistent schedules, especially when it comes to exercise and potty walks. The dog walker must be reliable and punctual, so your pet’s daily routine doesn’t get ruined. Of course, a dog walker won’t tell you they’re often late and rarely punctual during the interview, so it’s best to rely on reviews for this skill. Check what their previous clients have to say and if someone complains about the dog walker being late repeatedly.

Patience and Love For Animals

Patience is one of the most important skills needed for working with animals. You may not be able to see it from their dog walking skills resume, but a dog walker should be a patient person who loves and respects animals. Most dogs require a lot of patience, especially when they encounter a new person that tries to handle them. If the dog walker doesn’t have the patience needed to observe the dog’s behavior and respond adequately, you shouldn’t hire them.

No dog walker skills can make up for the lack of patience and love for animals.

Ability to Recognize Common Health Problems

A good dog walker should have a basic understanding of common canine health issues. They should know about the common conditions of the breeds they work with regularly. It’s also important for them to be able to notice subtle changes in a dog’s behavior that might indicate a health issue.

Dog walkers aren’t veterinarians, but they should be capable of providing basic care such as removing ticks or fleas, cleaning a wound, or giving oral medications.

Ability to Recognize Dog’s Behavior

Your dog walker needs to be able to read your dog’s body language. An experienced dog walker will pay attention to the dog’s tail, ears, teeth, general expression, and posture before even trying to pet them. A dog’s behavior can indicate signs of various feelings, from aggression to sadness and happiness. A dog walker should know how to recognize that behavior and react accordingly.


Stamina may be the most obvious skills every dog walker needs. A dog walker has to be able to keep up with your dog’s energy if you want your pet to be happy. When they take your dog out for a walk, they should be able to keep pace for at least twenty minutes to give your pup the exercise he needs. When the dog walker is in good physical shape, they won’t try to cut time on the walks, and they will gladly go the extra mile to make sure your pet is happy.


The last thing you need is a jumpy dog walker that stresses out your dog instead of keeping him calm. A nervous dog walker won’t take the time to understand your dog’s behavior. They may react promptly to certain situations without fully understanding your dog’s reactions. A calm, experienced dog walker will stay cool-headed at all times. Having someone balanced to watch over your pup will give you peace of mind. Also, your dog will undeniably prefer a calm person to a nervous one.


You can’t leave your dog in the hands of someone you can’t trust. Check everything the potential dog walker tells you, read reviews, and search for other experiences online. Honesty is a precious skill for every human, but it’s a particularly important skill to find in people to whom you trust your dog and your home.

A dog walker should pay attention to your dog and their needs. They should be able to handle your dog, both physically and physically. It should be a trustworthy person who tends to your dog’s needs whenever you aren’t around, so choose carefully.

When looking at a dog sitter resume, make sure you check for all the necessary skills this person should possess. After all, your dog is an important part of your family, and family always comes first.

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