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8 Tips if You Decide to Start a Dog Training Blog

8 Tips if You Decide to Start a Dog Training Blog

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When you have a skillset, a passion for something, and a knowledge to share, blogging is a great idea. Blogging will give you a platform to communicate with those who share the same interests and create a community that brings joy to everyone. So, if you’re thinking about starting a dog training blog, we see no reason why to have second thoughts.

It is, however, important that you know how to write a blog like a professional. That’s why we’ve decided to share these 8 essential tips to help you start a dog training blog. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Choosing a Blog Name

Let’s start from scratch and deal with the initial step you need to take in order to start your dog training blog.

You need to think of a blog name that is:

– catchy
– self-explicatory
– unique
– descriptive
– not a cliché

You could do a quick analysis of other bloggers covering the same topics and check out their blog names. If you see a pattern, make sure not to follow it.
Aim to be one of a kind, instead of blending in with the crowds.

2. Outsource For The Technicalities

If you’re about to start writing a blog about dog training, we guess that you’re not a computer scientist. While you don’t have to be an expert in programming to start a blog, it’s always a good idea to get some help from those who are.

You’ll need assistance to:

– choose a blogging platform such as WordPress, Blogger, or Medium
– choose a domain
– choose hosting

Online, you’ll find hundreds of tutorials on how to do it yourself, and if you’re up for the task, go ahead. If not, hire someone to handle this for you.

3. Be Credible & Trustworthy

When it comes to writing any type of blog, credibility is among the top priorities. To make sure your audience stays with you for the long run, you need to provide credible information.

The only way you can do this if you use strong resources for your research:

– academic papers
– studies
– credible magazines
– experts’ opinions
– backed up data

Be very careful when choosing the information you share and don’t let any week spots in your content.

4. Be Current

Since you’re only getting started with blogging, you’ll find it hardest to win over that initial audience. Your target audience is out there but you have to walk the extra mile to serve them your content.

One of the best methods for doing so is covering trending topics in your niche. This way, people who still haven’t heard of you are going to find you in their Google search results.

Make sure that you cover:

– latest news
– findings
– events

Stay in touch with everything happening in the dog training world and make sure to write a post whenever something new and exciting happens.

5. Use Different Content Formats

Monotony is killing blogs all over the world. You can’t let it ruin yours, too.

To fight monotony, you need to employ different types of written content and turn every blog post into a new adventure for your readers.

Here’s what works best in almost every niche:

– lists
– tutorials
– how-to videos
– interviews with experts or influencers
– product reviews

So one day you’re reviewing the latest dog collar model and the other you’re talking to a vet about dog’s dental care.

Spice it up and make it unpredictable.

6. Use Social Media

Your blog needs you to promote it, and social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools today. This is why you have to set up an Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter profile.
Once you set up your social media accounts, you’ll be using it to promote your blog posts. That means you’ll be using:

– images
– videos
– Instagram Stories
– other types of social media posts

Each of these will boost your traffic and help you get your target audience to read your blog.

7. Be Yourself

When we’re talking about blogging and analyzing the competitors, the conclusion is always the same. You need to be unique to get people to like you.

And what is more unique than being yourself?

Your blog needs to have that human side that shows:

– who you are
– why you love dogs
– how you feel
– what’s our story

So, let your personality shine through every blog post, and don’t try to be someone you’re not. Just be yourself and people will appreciate it.

8. Write Accurately

Finally, there’s one last segment of your blogging adventure that you simply have to pay attention to. Your writing always needs to be top-notch.

That means, that everything you publish has to be:

– proofread
– edited
– accurate
– mistakes-free

In case you need help with polishing your writing, check out this top writers list and find someone who can assist.

Final Thoughts

Writing a dog training blog is a great idea and a way to pass your knowledge to others. All you have to do is write about what you know best and follow your blogging strategy.

Use the tips listed above to make sure your blog is recognized as educational, fun, and worth paying a visit.

Author’s bio. Daniela McVicker is a professional content manager and a hobby blogger. She enjoys reading classic literature and doing research on internet marketing. Her favorite pastimes are to write, listen to jazz tracks and take quiet walks. Currently, she contributes to Essayguard.

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