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8 Things You Must Know About Dog Collars

8 Things You Must Know About Dog Collars

Having a good collar is very important for proper control of your dog, especially for outdoor control. It is always your responsibility to choose the right type of collar, though dogs love to move around freely for their safety collars and leashes can help you protect them from going astray. There are some key things you should know to make the right choice of collar that will be comfortable for the dog and give you more flexibility of control;

The Materials are Different

There are varieties of collar materials, these include the canvas, leather, and nylon but the leather dog collars tend to be more comfortable because they are stronger and can be adjusted according to the needs of the dog and the owner. The only drawback of leather collars is that they can absorb oils from the skin of dogs, which may create some odor. For this reason, the leather collar must not be too tight on the dog’s neck. Nylon collars are lighter, and they could be the best options for small dogs. Canvas collars are very durable and may be suitable most for dogs involved in sports.

Collars Work Better with Tags

Tags normally contain information about your dog; hence it can make it easier to track the dog and return them to the original owners when they get lost. Just like collars, tags also come in diverse different colors you can choose from.

Cleanliness of the Collar is Important

Most dog owners neglect the need to keep collars clean. The truth about dog collars is that, prolong usage can eventually lead to skin irritation, especially with collars that are too tight. Make sure you change a collar if you notice hair loss around the neck of the dog, especially where the collar is placed.

Anti-pull Harness is a Must

When choosing a dog collar, it is important to buy anti-pull harness because it helps prevent hurting your dog especially when you choose an extra-tight collar. Dogs do have delicate necks and choosing a wrong shape or size of collar can easily hurt them, creating inflammation or bruises. For this reason, the harness of the dog is the main factor to consider when buying a collar.

Personalizing Your Dog Collar is Fun and Practical

Today there are diverse types of designs on dog collars you may want to consider. These include the metallic plates with an inscription of a dog name and phone number of the dog owner. Some of these inscriptions are engraved on different collar materials while the plates are available in many shapes and colors. Metal plates for personalizing dog collars can come in the form of aluminum and stainless steel and they do not add substantial weight to your leather, canvas or nylon collar. In many cases, the dog collar metallic plates can be reflective.

Another option you may consider is the necklace with some jewelry letters such as the dog name and contact number of the dog owner. The embroidered dog collars are only used to customize nylon collars.

Always Add 2-inches to Final Collar Length

Perhaps the best way to decide the right size of collar for your dog is to measure the size of the neck. Simply measure the base of the neck and keep pulling the measuring tape until it snugs. Add 2 inches to the final length or simply keep the width loose with two fingers. In addition to causing bruises and pain to the dog, a very tight collar can make it extremely difficult for the dog to eat or breathe. On the other hand, a very loose collar may get caught up in something which may allow the dog to escape. Make sure you choose the right size that is adjustable so that you wouldn’t make it too loose or too tight.

The Ease of Care is Very Important

The ease or difficulty of care for a dog’s collar is different for all types of collar. Nylon collar, for instance, is easier to maintain than the leather collar. To clean a nylon collar, you can use water and soap and hang the collar to dry. Nylon collar doesn’t have an issue being wet, and you can clean them every couple of weeks, and if your dog enjoys swimming, perhaps a nylon collar will be the ideal option. The leather collar is more involved hence you will need a special cleaning solution to keep them clean and well-maintained. Leather collars are not friends with water; hence they must be kept dry.

Costs Consideration for Dog Collar

While nylon collars may be the most convenient and easiest to maintain, they also cost less. Leather collars are more premium and they cost more than nylon collar. Nylons are less durable and they can wear out quicker than the leather collar. The more customization options you go for, the costlier the collar gets.


Some collars can be luxurious and give you some sense of class but you may have to pay more in maintenance. Leather collars often come in darker colors while nylon collars come in diverse varieties of color. It is also easier to customize nylon than other materials like leather and canvas, however, customization may add quickly to the cost of a nylon collar. Leather collars work with buckles which makes it easier to adjust their length around the neck of a dog, unlike nylon collars that come with a specific length.

Nylon collars, on the other hand, come with a quick-release buckle which means they can be put on or remove from the dog easily. A leather collar will not slip off the dog accidentally due to its design, while a dog can easily slip out of a nylon collar. For this reason, you can conclude that a leather collar is more practical than the nylon collar. If you want a more colorful collar that can be reflective even in the dark, perhaps a nylon collar may be a suitable option. Whatever the options you consider, it always makes sense to put comfort and practically ahead of all other factors.

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