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8 Things Cats Hate That Humans Do

Cats are among the most popular house pets globally, and anyone who has owned a cat knows that they can be moody pets. It’s true that different cats have different likes and dislikes, but there are some things that we do that cats hate.

8 Things Cats Hate That Humans Do

Obviously, as with anything, there will be some exceptions, but if we are to be responsible pet owners to our beloved kittens, we need to make sure that we aren’t doing anything to make our pets uncomfortable. Moreover, we should be able to recognize what our cats like and what they don’t.

Of course, some of this might be unavoidable, and some essential for their wellbeing, but here are eight things that we do that our cats hate.

Cats don’t like loud noises:

This one is obvious, but you will be surprised to see how many pet owners still don’t pay much attention to it. Nobody likes loud noises, and it can be even worse for felines because of their sensitive hearing.

Most cats are terrified of loud noises like thunder, fireworks, and traffic noises, and you will see them jump for their safe places when they hear such noises. Moreover, some cats are especially bothered by loud noises, and even loud arguing in the house can bother them. Some felines might even get spooked by a loud sneeze.

Therefore, we must be considerate of our pets and try not to make any loud noises. This means you shouldn’t play any loud music in the home or honk the car in the driveway. If you live in a noisy neighborhood, your cat may get used to some noises, but if you move from a suburb to the city, your cat will probably be very scared of the noises.

Cats don’t like to be left alone:

8 Things Cats Hate That Humans Do

Many people have an opinion that cats are solitary animals, but that isn’t true at all. Though cats are more adept at staying alone than dogs, and you could leave one alone for a longer time, cats still need attention, affection, and companionship, especially some breeds like Persian cats.

Furthermore, leaving the cat alone for a long time can negatively impact its behavior. Loneliness can make cats lethargic, sad, and sometimes even depressed.

Now cats spend a major part of the day sleeping; therefore, you must take some time to play with them when they are awake. Even if you have a busy routine, setting a few minutes aside for your pet shouldn’t be a problem.

Even 15 minutes of playtime with your cat every day can help it stay happy and healthy. Moreover, you should also consider adopting a second cat, so neither of them has to be alone. However, keep in mind that most cats are territorial, especially males, and they won’t like another male in the house.

Cats hate a dirty litter box:

If you have ever had to go to a dirty public toilet, you know it can be very disgusting. Well, cats feel the same when they have to use a dirty litter box.

Dirty litter boxes are the cause of several problems; they can make your cat uncomfortable, disrupt their digestive patterns, and above all, lead to a whole plethora of diseases both for the cat and for the people living in the house. Dirty kitty litters are among the most common causes of several zoonotic diseases.

Therefore, the litter box must be cleaned out regularly. It would be best if you cleaned the box daily, or at least every other day. Moreover, you can also invest in a self-cleaning litter box, if you don’t want to scoop cat feces every day.

However, scooping alone does not do the job; you need to change the litter and clean the box. Make sure that you do this every other week. Ensure that you wear gloves when dealing with the litter box and thoroughly clean your hands afterward.

Cats hate stale food:

You probably don’t want to eat a plate of stale food, would you? Well, it’s no surprise that cats don’t like stale or spoiled food either. Stale food doesn’t taste too good, but it can also make your cat sick. Food that is spoiled or has been exposed for too long can lead to the development of bacteria like Salmonella and Staphylococcus in your cat’s stomach, which can lead to several health problems, both for the cat and you.

Therefore, whenever you serve food to your kitty, make sure to check for expiry dates; furthermore, if you are using an automatic food dispenser, make sure that they are properly sealed, especially in the case of wet cat food. Check out some reviews online to get the best automatic feeders for wet cat food.

Moreover, you must give your cat proper cat food only because many items present in human foods can be toxic to cats. For instance, garlic, onions, chocolate, grapes, raw dough, raw meat, alcohol, and caffeinated drinks can be poisonous for your cat. Therefore, keep such food items away from your cat’s reach.

Cats don’t like taking medicine:

When we are sick, we don’t want to take an awful tasting medicine; however, since we know that it is good for our health, we take it. Though we, as humans, understand this, it is not the same with cats. You can’t tell cats that the weird tasting item you are giving them is medicine, which will help them feel better.

Furthermore, when cats are taking medication, they mostly foam at their mouth and spit the pill back out. Therefore, it is obvious that cats don’t like taking pills.

However, giving them medicine is necessary. Though you can take the cat to the vet for occasional problems, if your cat has a chronic condition that requires medication every day, you will have to do it yourself.

Firstly, it is important to train your cat to be comfortable when you hold its mouth. Secondly, make sure to create a routine so that the cat knows when to expect the medicine. If these tactics don’t work, you can always use pill hiding treats, which have pockets to hide the pills in.

Cats don’t like aggressive petting:

When it comes to petting your cat, you have probably noticed that it will only let your pet in certain areas, and if you pet the wrong parts, the cat might even scratch or bite. Cats can be susceptible to petting, and they don’t like it if you get too aggressive. Therefore, you must learn how and where to pet your cat.

If you want to keep your cats happy, you should stick to petting behind the head and neck. Most cats don’t like to be patted down the length of their backs and get jumpy if you do so.
Moreover, you must pay close attention to your cat’s behavior when you are grooming and petting it so that you can understand what is okay and what isn’t.

Cats hate getting wet:

Though some cat breeds like the Turkish van don’t seem to mind getting wet, most breeds hate it. However, some new cat owners might even try to bathe their cats.

You should know that most cats clean and groom themselves, and you don’t need to bath them as regularly as dogs. However, it is still important to clean your cats to avoid their furs from getting pelted or matted. According to experts, you should bathe your cat every 4-6 weeks. Moreover, as soon as you are done, make sure to blow dry the cat, so it doesn’t have to stay wet any longer than necessary.

Here are some instructions you should follow to make the bathing experience more bearable for the cat:

  • Comb the cat’s fur before bathing
  • Trim its nails
  • Tire your cat out with a playing session before you take it for a bath
  • Put cotton buds in your cat’s ear to keep the water out.
  • Use diluted shampoo (one-part shampoo to five parts water)
  • Avoid the nose, eyes, and face when spraying the cat with water.
  • Use lukewarm water
  • Use a blow dryer on the lowest setting, and take your cat to a warm place.

Some cats don’t like strangers:

8 Things Cats Hate That Humans Do

This is a pet peeve that may or may not exist depending on the breed of your cat. Some felines are very defensive when they see strangers; they may run and hide, hiss at the stranger, and sometimes attack them as well.

On the other hand, some breeds, like Persian cats, might also be completely unfazed by strangers. Therefore, understand what your cat is like, and make sure you don’t let strangers get too close to it, or it might get scared.

Final thoughts:

Cats can be very adorable pets, and I’m sure that every pet owner loves their cats dearly. However, sometimes we can unintentionally do things that our cat may find very annoying. Of course, no one wants their kittens to be uncomfortable. I have mentioned some of the things that most cats hate, so try to avoid them, and your cat will stay happy and healthy.

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