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8 Facts about the Border Collie Lab Mix

8 Facts about the Border Collie Lab Mix

Photo by Tadeusz Lakota on Unsplash

If you want a great family dog, then you can’t go wrong with a border collie lab mix. They are very loyal and smart, and they have tons of energy for playing with the kids. Here are eight interesting facts about the Border Collie Lab mix which you may not have known until today!

1. Border collie labs are incredibly social

Part of what makes Border Collie labs such good family dogs is how well they get along with not just people but also animals. You can take them just about anywhere and not worry about them getting into fights or acting aggressively toward other animals and people. Your border collie lab likes to go where the action is, wagging its tail and participating in whatever people are doing.

2. They need lots of exercise

Border Collie labs love to run and play, and that’s an essential part of their overall health. If you are spending too long away from home, your border collie lab is going to get lonely and then probably start behaving destructively- chewing up furniture, acting out and generally making a mess of things. These dogs need a lot of attention and plenty of room to exercise.

3. They are a hybrid dog

The Labrador and border collie breeds combined to make this distinct mix, as you might have surmised from the name. Border collies are known as sheepherding dogs, and Labradors are great swimmers and family dogs. This hybrid really gets the best of both worlds and is great fun to play with. This hybrid is easy to train and has a lovable, friendly nature that makes it ideal for people of all ages.

4. They are so easy to groom

Some dogs are a pain to groom, what with their constant shedding and the need for brushing their fur regularly. That’s not true of They shed very little and are easy to bathe. Some dogs give a real fight to be put into a tub or washed down and cleaned, but not border collie labs. These dogs love the water, because remember the Labrador is a consummate swimmer.

5. These dogs are voracious eaters

You are going to have to keep a lot of food on hand for your border collie lab mix. They love to eat, and they will get their teeth on anything that is nearby, including shoes, socks, ropes and whatever else you leave out for them. Some dogs simply eat a meal and then won’t bother eating anything else until the next mealtime, but border collie labs will be happy to snack throughout the day. They constantly look for something to chew on, even if it isn’t completely edible, so be careful what you leave within their reach.

6. They love to play fetch

You might have had a dog that didn’t like to play fetch when you threw a ball or a stick. Border collie labs are not that way. The Labrador retriever in them loves to bring back whatever you throw and keep the game going for as long as they have energy. They are some of the best dogs to play with because of their endless energy and their willingness to engage humans in their play. Their love of play means that they will be a bit rough on their toys, so you may need to buy them new ones regularly to keep them occupied. Border collie labs are super smart and feel like they need to be doing something for almost the entire day. That’s completely normal behavior for them and nothing to be worried about.

8 Facts about the Border Collie Lab Mix

Photo by Tadeusz Lakota on Unsplash

7. They are very healthy dogs

This hybrid is blessed with all the physical attributes of its two originating breeds, and that means all of their health benefits as well. Border collie labs are easy to take care of partly because they are so fit, active and unlikely to experience most of the common health problems of other dog breeds.

8. They have a long lifespan

Out of all the various dog breeds, border collie labs are some of the longest lived ones. They can live to an average of 13 years, but of course a healthy diet and regular exercise can allow them to live even longer.

There you have it- eight facts you might not have known about these amazing dogs. If you have one in your life, then you are truly blessed.

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