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8 Cleaning Essentials For Pet Owners

8 Cleaning Essentials For Pet Owners

Living in a house with a pet is great! But you can easily forget what life is like without all the fur and dander everywhere. It’s almost impossible to keep your house clean, and maybe you’ve even given up. But don’t lose hope just yet! Here are some cleaning essentials that will keep your house spick and span!

1. Lint Rollers

Lint rollers are the most pet owner friendly cleaning devices. Not only are they affordable and easy to use, but they can also literally rid you of any hair and dander from your house. They’re especially great when you need to do a quick, surface-level cleaning in case of surprise drop-ins by friends and family.

2. Vacuum Cleaning

Vacuum cleaning is very helpful in case of picking up hair and dander as well, but they’re huge and bringing them out and vacuuming usually turns into a whole day event. Instead, you can buy a small handheld vacuum cleaner which works just as efficiently and is significantly more convenient to use.

3. Don’t Let it in!

When your little pet has just come back in from outside, they usually bring in a heap of dirt along with them. Then you find yourself running around behind them with a mop trying to scrub away their paw prints!

Instead, you can grab an old towel that is out of use and keep it outside the house along with a bowl or tray of water. Train your dog to wait as you clean and dry their paws outside of the house and voila!

4. Happy Carpets

Most pet owners call it quits when it comes to combining rugs or carpets with pets. The combination is usually very lethal for the carpet. But instead of that, there’s a great solution to remove carpet stains. White vinegar works miracles on carpet stains.

Spray some white vinegar on the area with the stain and make sure not to soak it with vinegar. Wait for it to dry up, and the results will positively surprise you! It even helps get rid of the smells emanating from the stains.

5. Brush Your Pets

Hair is the biggest and most annoying problems when it comes to cleaning a house with pets. Most dog and cat breeds shed hair like crazy, and if you’re an owner of one of those, then you know the trouble we’re referring to here. So what’s the solution?

Usually, brushing your pets a couple of times a day reduce the shedding to a bare minimum. In fact, pets love to be brushed, so brush the loose hair strands out at least twice or thrice a day. Ask your vet about the details and the tools you should use for your pet, and you should have a happier pet and a cleaner home in no time!

6. Cleaning out the Closet

Your pet’s collars, dog toys and chew toys are usually the thing you forget while cleaning. Sometimes they’re difficult to hand wash so you let them be. But not cleaning dog chews, collars and toys can be unhygienic and smelly. While you can take the easy way out and wash these in your washing machine, there is a better way to clean them.

Mix some dog shampoo into some hot water and soak the collars and dog toys and everything with it. Keep it soaked for about an hour or so and then rinse it out with cold water. Once it’s dry, it’s perfect and safe to use again. Some high end products have different ways to wash it though, so make sure to read the instructions to wash on those.

7. Pet Beds

Washing your pet beds with your regular detergent is just fine. But adding a cup of baking soda to your regular load can do you a whole lot of good. Baking soda is very helpful to neutralize odors, and it is also antibacterial, thus keeping your pet’s bed clean and bacteria-free!

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