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7 Ways to Help Your Cat Cope with Lockdown

7 Ways to Help Your Cat Cope with Lockdown

If you are a cat owner, you probably know that your feline companion is quite set in terms of territory, routine, and habits. Basically, this is their nature. However, your cat is forced to revoke their nature, including their territory during the lockdown.

Sadly, your cat has to deal with the challenges of having its safe space constantly interrupted by you. This is what most, if not all cats, have to deal with in this unprecedented time.

Remember that pre-lockdown, your cat had ample time to sleep, eat, play, and relax. This is not the case anymore. Your cat has to deal with you and your family infringing on its space. They have nowhere to run to for to cope with the lockdown menace.

Due to these effects, you will find our feline friends quite disturbed. The stress can go ahead to cause irrevocable mental instability to your cat.

So what can you do to ensure that your cat can cope with the lockdown peacefully? Read along to find out.

1. Ensure There is Adequate Food

Just like humans, food soothes our felines quite well. More so, they may come handy during these difficult times. When your cat is full, then it will be more comfortable.

However, always remember that your cat, just like you, is going to get out of this lockdown with a little weight added. This is due to less room to play around and restricted exercise time.

In that regard, you should ensure to avoid overfeeding your feline. Just like humans, ensure to exercise portion control while feeding your cat. Foods such as Blue Wilderness grain-free chicken cat food that contains all the necessary nutrients for your cat’s growth really come in handy when exercising portion control.

2. Give Your Cat Enough Exercise

Just like food, regular exercise plays an integral part in your cat’s wellbeing. Not only will exercise ensure that your cat is free of any stress, but it will also ensure that your cat is mentally and physically fit.

But how can you regularly exercise your cat while in lockdown? Well, there are different ways you can do this. You only need to be creative.

For starters, if you have a treadmill, you run it at a slower pace and exercise your cat in it. Additionally, you can engage your feline friend in regular shirt play sessions within your house. You can as well give your furry friend a massage. All these ways will ensure that your cat is well exercised and relaxed.

3. Ensure to Meet Your Cat’s Needs

Your cat, just like you, has some special needs. It might be quite difficult to know these if you are a new cat owner, but cats, just like dogs, are quite sensitive to noise. Therefore, being at home with kids around can be quite daunting for your feline companion.

It’s of utmost importance for your cat to have the option of taking itself off to a calm and quiet place. Since cats naturally like resting in high, hidden places, you might have to designate different high and secluded areas for your cat to rest. This way, your cat will have a peaceful sleep as well as feel safer.

4. Give Your Cat Enough Space

It can be quite difficult to understand your cat. Since cats are playful in nature, designating enough playtime for your cat is important. Otherwise, your cat will end up getting anxiety disorders if you are working and he wants to play.

5. Watch Your Cats Weight

With a reduced level of activity, it’s probably important to reduce the amount of feed that your cat consumes.

With lockdown upon us, most caregivers might be tempted to feed their cats without watching their weight. Apart from giving your cat a normal amount of food, you might be tempted to provide your cat with more treats. Ensure to avoid this temptation.

6. Ensure to Keep Your Cat Immunized

With everything going on around the globe, you can easily forget that your cat needs to be immunized.

As much as you are in lockdown, always remember that your vet is always there to offer essential services, including immunizing your cat.

7. Think Ahead

While cats can be quite comfortable with being alone, some cats often suffer from separation issues. So, having you around might make them very happy.

However, you have to remember that once you are back at work once the lockdown is over, your cat will slip back to being desperate. Ensure to prepare your cat early for a life post lockdown.

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