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7 Tips on How to Stimulate a Dog

7 Tips on How to Stimulate a Dog

Your dog needs mental as well as physical stimulation. Many dog parents tend to do great when it comes to stimulating their dogs physically by culminating exercise in their daily but completely fail to provide them with mental stimulation. Dogs that do not get adequate mental stimulation are known to develop abnormal behavior such as excessive barking, whining and tail chasing. It is ideal to provide your dog with mental stimulation during their early ages. There are several ways to do and a few are mentioned below:

1. Bring changes in your dog’s walking routine

Walking your dog provides them with physical stimulation they need but if you follow the same routine every day, it can become boring for them pretty fast. You can bring variations by taking different routes every second day. Visit different areas and neighborhoods and combine it with changing your pace. Explore a different park or go for a run beside the lake. Take your dog through places with flowers and fruits to stimulate their brain via different senses.

2. Make your dog earn their treats

Hiding treats around the house for your dog to find them is an ideal way to stimulate them mentally. You can keep it simple and make your dog choose which of your hands has the treat. Or you can hide different treats around the house and have them play a treasure hunt. You can also create different obstacles for them to overcome and create a course with various treats for them.

3. Use interactive toys during playtime

Generally dogs love to play with toys. Let it be balls, Frisbees or baskets and boxes, you can easily leave them busy with this stuff for hours. But if you include interactive toys with these toys, they will not only mentally stimulate them but will also keep them from getting bored quickly. Babble Balls makes funny noises, flashes and makes barnyard sounds when touched. Pets think it’s alive. It’s not a toy that your dog plays with. It’s a toy that plays with your pet! Pets go bonkers every time they hear the sounds, so fun to watch! You don’t believe it? Search #babbleball on Instagram or search Babble Balls on YouTube and see for yourself.

4. Take your dog with you when you run errands

It is always a great idea to bring your dog with while you make a quick run to the grocery store or go over to your friends to fetch something. This not only allows to be exposed to a different surrounding but also creates a variation in their routine hence stimulating their brain in the process.

5. Simple obedience training

You can also mentally stimulate your pet by teaching them to respond to simple commands including sit, lay, shake and here! Spending a few minutes on your dog to teach them these commands everyday will give them enough exercise to stimulate their brain.

6. Allow them to interact with different dogs

Allowing your dog to interact with different dogs not only teaches them about the outside world but also stimulates their brain to cope in different situations with other dogs around. If it’s the first time you are taking your dog to a place with many different kinds of dogs, it is better to keep them on a leash.

7. Diet is important

It is important to feed your dog a healthy diet because it inevitably has an effect on how mentally strong you dog is. Try to bring small changes in your dog’s diet and make sure don’t consume too many sugary foods and treats.

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