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7 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Warm Outside During Harsh Winters

7 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Warm Outside During Harsh Winters

When winters get particularly harsh, no amount of fur on your dog can keep him naturally warm. If you are a dog owner and live in a place where it gets particularly chilly during certain months, you might want to read this article to see how to keep them warm and protected this winter. Other than buying quality dog coats for winter, do follow these practices as well –

1. Understand your dog

No two dogs are the same even if they are of the same breed. When you understand your dog’s unique needs, you can make the best arrangements to insulate their house in winters. Breeds like Siberian huskies and Alaskan Malamutes can spend more time in the winters outside without showing signs of trouble. Others like Greyhounds and Chihuahuas may not tolerate chilly weather too well.

2. Invest in a quality leash

Buy a quality dog chain and leash. Always keep him on the leash while walking outside in winters. You should be extra careful of this if you live around cold woods or a place where snowstorms are commonplace.

3. Keep their paws clean

It’s not uncommon for stuff like salt, deicer, and ice to get stuck in your dog’s paws. If your dog is in the habit of licking his paws, he could be ingesting potentially harmful stuff. Each time you come back from a long walk out in the cold; be sure to wipe their paws clean and check for any sort of buildup. Better yet, invest in dog paw booties. Also, make sure to cut and trim their nails regularly.

4. Keep your pooch hydrated and well-fed

Ensure access to unfrozen, clean water at all times. You can find heated bowls designed particularly for outdoors. You may also have to up the diet to keep your dog warm if they live outdoors. But, have a word with your vet first before making any diet changes.

5. Create A Shelter Outsides

Some dogs have a knack for spending time outside in winters. If that’s the case with your dog, do build him an appropriate shelter. Make sure it’s secure deep into the ground and has a sloped roof to avoid snow from piling up. Keep a soft, cozy bed for him to sleep in as well.

6. Keep the shelter well-insulated

You just can’t underestimate the importance of an insulated shelter. Make sure the door is at least four inches off the ground. For insulation purposes, use plenty of straws so the cold doesn’t penetrate from the ground underneath. Add an extra layer of straw on the floor. Top it with a warm bedding to create that perfect nest for your dog to stay warm outside. Cover him up in a dog winter jacket for extra warmth.

7. Be on the lookout for warning signs

Hypothermia, frostbite, skin ulcers, blisters, skin discoloration, pain upon touching certain body parts – these are all warning signs that chilly weather is getting to your dog. If you sense any of these symptoms, know when it’s time to call the vet.

Remember, your dog is your responsiblity. Just being mindful of these small but mega-important pointers will ensure a comfortable and trouble-free winner for your pooch.

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