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7 Tips to Keep Your Dog Busy While You’re At Work

7 Tips to Keep Your Dog Busy While You're At Work


All of you who have a dog know how much fun it is. Playing with your pup is something that brings joy to both of you. And neither you nor your dog want it to end.

From a dog’s point of view, the heaven on Earth is the place where he spends time eating, sleeping, and playing with his owner. The trouble is that sometimes, the owner does not have enough time to spend on their pet.

If you, same as most people on the planet, have a job that requires you to be away from home for several hours every day, you will have to leave your pup on his own. But, this is something that could be a true horror from his perspective. And his reaction could be disastrous for your things. You can return from the work to see a real chaos in your home.

To prevent your pup from getting crazy while you’re at work, you need to find ways to keep him entertained. And if you have no ideas how to do that, we’re now going to help you. Here are seven methods to keep your pup busy while you’re not around.

1. Give Him Bones to Chew On

It is simply impossible not to know that dogs are very fond of eating bones. There is no dog in the world whom a large bone would not make immensely happy. Dogs are animals that have a predatory instinct and food is high on their priority list.

Therefore, bones are an ideal solution like the Dinosaur BarkBones – they’re not easy to crash, especially if you find a large one. This way, your dog will get busy with the bone all the time while you are away.
This method has another positive aspect because it is a well-known fact that dogs like to chew things. It’s better to let him chew bones than other stuff in your home. This way, you will be able to preserve your furniture from damage.

2. Television to Watch

If you have children, you know that TV can take their attention for a long time. Well, a similar situation is with dogs who love motion pictures. But, not every kind of TV show has the same effect on dogs. Actually, this is something that depends on each pup.

For example, there are those who are fascinated by films, especially action-packed ones, while others prefer documentary shows with other animals. It is up to you to discover what your dog loves and to provide such a program to make sure he or she will not be bored.

3. Other Dogs to Play With

Your pup might turn into a real devil when he’s left all alone because he’s bored. Some dogs just hate being left on their own. If that is the case with your four-legged furniture-destroyer, you need to find him a friend.

So, why not leave your pup at your friends’ if they have dogs living with them. Sure, you could do the other way around and bring their pup to your place. But, at first, we think it’s best to have someone to keep an eye on the dogs. Once they become friends, you will have no worries leaving them on their own.

4. Take Him to Dog Daycare Center

If you have no dog-owning friends with whom you could team up to take care of your pups, there is an alternative. Although it’s not a free alternative, taking your pup to a dog daycare center could be a perfect solution.

There are several reasons why this seems like the right thing to do. First of all, it means leaving your dog in safe hands. Dog daycare centers are run by professionals who know who to deal with dogs. Secondly, this would mean providing him company of other dogs which is something he might be craving for.

5. Hire Dog Walkers

In order to stay lean and healthy, your pup needs to get his share of exercise. But, if you work long hours, you might not have enough time to take him on long walks. Worry not, because there is a solution.

Instead for waiting until you find a suitable time to take him for a walk, you can hire a professional dog walker to do it for you. And they can do it while you’re at work. This way, you tackle two problems at once. Your pup gets the exercise he needs and you get a peace of mind knowing he’s in safe hands.

6. Help Him Get Some Sleep

Dogs love sleeping and some breeds can sleep for up to 20 hours a day. The reason why all dogs aren’t sleeping all the time is that they adapt to the lifestyle of their owners. What this means is that your puppy will do all he can to stay awake when you’re awake. And that can mean he’s not getting enough sleep.

To solve the problem, you can help him get some sleep while you’re at work. The trouble with this is that every dog is a guard dog and when they’re left alone, they have no intention of sleeping on duty. To help him calm down and get some sleep, you can put some essential oils like lavender oil in his food or spray it over his mat. The smell of the oil acts relaxing, which should be enough to put him in the mood for sleeping. For more ideas on how to put your pup to sleep, visit ToolsOfPets.

7. Play with Him When You’re Home

The reason why your pup gets crazy while you’re away might lie in the fact that he’s missing you. If you haven’t been spending much time playing with him while you’re in the house, he’s going to feel even worse when you’re away.

So, make sure not to ignore your pup when he’s craving for your attention. He needs to get his share of cuddles every day!

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