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7-Steps Guide To Keeping Your Home Spotless Even If You Have A Dog

7-Steps Guide To Keeping Your Home Spotless Even If You Have A Dog

Imagine yourself coming back home after a hectic day. All you would want to do is go home, lay on your couch and fall asleep to the blissful sound of the TV playing in the background. But when you do come home, you see your sofa filled with fur and you’ve got to start cleaning!

If you’re all for dogs (like all the other sane people in the world) then you know that your house used to be a lot cleaner before your dog. Maybe your carpet used to be a little less furry. And there didn’t used to be a litter of dog chews everywhere. Trust us fellow dog lovers: WE GET IT! And you think, Eh! Just gotta deal with it! But you’re wrong! You can be part neat-freak and part dog lover!

1. Your Vacuum Will Go On!

Regardless of whether your dog sheds like crazy or not, vacuuming after it is a must to keep your house clean at all times. With an automatic vacuum, your furry friend can shed away all it wants! An automatic vacuum can be set to a routine schedule and it can clean after your dog even when you’re not around.

2. Lint Roller: A New Weapon

If you’re a dog owner, you must be acquainted with the benefits of a lint roller or multiple lint rollers. Fur is not the only thing that a dog brings in. It also carries a lot of dirt with it. So all you’ve got to do is add a lint roller to your cleaning supplies and you can get rid of all the fur and dirt that they bring onto the sheets, lampshades, cushions, laundry bags and all around your house.

3. Stain Remover Can Be Your Second Best Friend

Your dog may be highly trained but that doesn’t fully rule out the chances of staining. A slight change in food or sickness can most certainly lead to stains. Keep a strong stain remover close by at all times to keep your house neat and tidy at all times.

4. Bath Time Is Priority

Giving your dog a shower can never be a two minute task. If you want to prevent your dog from shedding and staining then you have to give it a good scrub after that morning walk. Make sure to get all of the dirt off of its paw. After the shower, make sure to keep brushing its fur as it helps release essential oils that decreases shedding and keeps the fur soft.

5. Durability First

With a dog around, you’ve got to think hard before picking out your furniture. Your couches would be a lot easier to clean if they were leather instead of being made out of a cloth material. This could also prevent stains of any sort. Buying less fluffy rugs and linens that are more durable will also help in cleaning everything up easier and faster.

6. Don’t Throw Away Old Towels

Every time your dog goes outside to the lawn or for a walk, it brings behind itself a trail of paw steps of soil, dirt and leaves. If you make it a habit to clean it’s paws with any old absorbent towel after every outing, that saves you a whole lot of cleaning time. If you have a carpeted floor then this should definitely be a mandatory step for you.

7. Have A Dog Zone

Your dog is probably already habituated with the idea of having his meals at a specific place in the house, and the same goes for his playtime as well as sleeping/resting hours. Try to limit this place as by doing so you actually limit your cleaning area.

If you keep all its dog chews and toys next to the food bowls then chances are it’ll start getting into the habit of playing in that region. In your dog zone, you can spread a sheet or at least keep a large tray under the dog bowls to prevent them from spilling on the floor. Thus, making cleaning a whole lot easy for you!

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