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7 Questions About CBD Oils For Dogs You Should Answer Truthfully

7 Questions About CBD Oils For Dogs You Should Answer Truthfully

If you fancy natural health, chances are that you may have heard of CBD oil for dogs. However, it is easy to fall in the trap of low-quality sellers looking to make quick cash out of it. Far from the hype, CBD oil has significant advantages to pets, especially in alleviating inflammation, bowel disease, epilepsy, pain relief, and increasing appetite. With all these significant benefits, the last thing you’d want to do is let your precious dollars waste away to fake products or oils not formulated to cater to your pet’s specific needs.

That’s why it is advisable to answer these seven questions about CBD oil for dogs truthfully. You will ensure that the CBD oil you’re getting is of the highest quality.

1. Is The CBD Oil Full Spectrum CBD or Isolate?

As you shop for your CBD product, you may come across two standard terms, “full-spectrum CBD oil” and “CBD isolate.” While both have CBD, the former has all other terpenes found naturally in hemp. It takes into account everything as-is from the hemp plant and doesn’t remove any by-product. Several studies have also found out that the full-spectrum CBD is beneficial and provides more substantial results. But companies will continue to produce CBD Isolate because they have cheap manufacturing costs.

2. Does The CBD Oil Have A Certificate of Analysis (COA)?

Generally, the only way to know if a CBD vendor is legit is by checking if they have a Certificate of Analysis. The certificate shows laboratory results of your CBD oil, including the amounts of THC included in the batch you’re buying. In a competitive market like CBD, certification is crucial and separates the legitimate companies from mediocre. It is no surprise to get CBD products with no CBD at all!

3. What Is The THC Content In My CBD Oil?

For dogs, the THC content matters a lot. The furry pets are incredibly sensitive to THC, and it is vital to ensure the levels are as low as possible. Consider looking for CBD oils with THC levels under .3% to avoid adverse effects or the “high” human experience for your dog’s sensitivity. Ideally, a zero THC content would be your target and will make sure your dog is free from the side effects of THC.

4. How Reputable Is The Company Selling CBD Oil?

A certificate alone can’t guarantee you that a company is safe. Use third-party review companies to see what other customers are saying about the CBD oil vendor. What is their Better Business Bureau rating? How many reviews does the company have in the main page? Do the reviews reflect their reputation? The answer to these questions will make it easy for you to spot a trustworthy company from a distance.

5. Was The CBD Oil Derived From An All Natural and Organic Plant?

As much as organic matters, in hemp, it is crucially important. This plant’s nature makes it easy to draw up toxins from the soil compared to other similar species. Therefore, choosing an organic product is crucial and if your CBD oil is not sourced from organic hemp, pass. You want products sourced from plants that aren’t treated with pesticides, never used radiation or chemically-modified seeds. Look for labels like non-GMO, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and corn-free.

6. Is Your CBO Oil Derived From Hemp?

Only CBD derived from hemp is considered legal in the United States. Ensure you buy hemp-derived CBD since it is the only essential CBD that’s safe for animal use. It also contains the recommended less than 0.3% THC content. Crafty companies will go ahead and label “Hemp Oil” omitting the term “CBD” on their product. If there is no indication of CBD’s amount, then consider it a red flag for your pet. Also, look out for “Hemp Seed Oil.” While Hemp seed oil is generally acceptable, make sure you check the CBD content.

7. Is The CBD Oil Incredibly Cheap?

Another red-flag to check-in CBD oils is the price tag. As the adage goes, cheap is expensive. And in this case, it might cost your dog’s health. Discounts are great, but when the average price is below the market, your CBD provider might compromise quality somewhere in the production process. CBD oil’s extraction process is exceptionally complex and easy to find shortcuts, leading to residues being formed like propane, butane, and ethanol in the oil. Such harmful residues may have negative impacts on the health of your dog.

As you can see, these questions are crucial for every pet owner planning to use CBD oil as a form of treatment. It’s easy to ride along with the hype, but ultimately what matters is how effective the CBD oil is. For more insight, The Ultimate Guide to CBD for Dogs will give you all the information you need regarding CBD oil and CBD for dogs specifically.

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