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Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


7 Pets You Can Keep in Your College Dorm

At times, many do feel life is lonely. And because of this they find a companion in a pet. Keeping a pet is a most adventurous experience you may have in a lifetime. And it becomes more endearing should you share your life with some pets at a relatively younger age. Indeed, those who seem to be great pet owners in their adulthood can share the testimony of starting that at a younger age. Now, some colleges frown at the idea of caring for certain pets as students while you use the dormitory. Examples of such are cats and the German shepherd (a medium-sized dog originating from Germany). This piece therefore seeks to articulate seven pets you can successfully share your campus life with.

1. Parrot

The fourth favorite pets in America after cats, dogs and fish are birds. This includes parrot among other birds that live in captivity all around the States. With their fascinating colors, acrobatic displays and smart psyche these parrots are often irresistible. Some challenges you may experience with this species of birds is just the extent of attention you need to give them as you raise them otherwise they would pick up bad habits and find their own existence a strenuous one. Many benefits are available for raring parrots. Parrots run regular errand services for their owners. The owners also get rare entertainment from the breeds. The example of Groucho (a parrot) that entertained TV audience in 2010 comes to remembrance here.

2.  Box Turtle

The box turtles are favorites you can look up to when selecting your choice pets for college life. One funny thing about them is that they live up to as much as four decades. Therefore, if you are the type that appreciate substituting pets, be ready to live your after-college lifetime still cherishing their company. They do not bother their owners as other pets do. They live on commercial food and in a box with a parched space and water-saturated environment. They require a level of management in raising them up though they can still really fare well with you in your dormitory.

3. Rabbit

They live on vegetables. The cost of their maintenance appears to be high a little. The height of sanitary conditions that the owner must maintain in order to keep them in a better state is quite demanding. This is the reason most students don’t opt for them as choice pets. However, for their attractive and fragrant appearance students with relatively high income do seek to make them pals. You too can, but you need to be ready to determine the efforts you may have to put in to put them at their best. Their benefits are as well numerous. Rabbits are at times raised for their meat. But animal lovers often decide to retain and sustain them as their best of pets.

4.  Pipidae Frog

There are varieties of frogs that you can rare. But are you aware of the attractive and unique Pipidae Frog? It dazzles with a sparkling greenish light. It is always resident in water and gives you almost no stress as you only change the water once in a week and feed them twice a day. They are such engaging and can begin to provoke their viewers into some conversation on wildlife. You can keep a number of them as they keep an admirable silence. They flicker feelings of excitement at nature’s wonders in you.

5.  Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are one of those pets you may love to rear in college. They are pretty dorm-adaptive. They thrive on pellets, vegetable and on water. They often need to lift their limbs as they exercise their body. As a result, you would have to meet their exercise requirements by just fitting some installations like pet runs to properly enclose them from escape. Indeed, the manner in which they galvanize their woolly body is enough to crack your ribs and stir fanciful amazement in you. They also teach and remind humans of the need to engage in exercise.

6.  Fish

One of the ways to catch great fun is to watch how fish swim in their habitat. It is often thrilling. They are a great way for collegians to blow off steam when work becomes tiresome. In some institutions of learning, office holders are even permitted to keep them in their offices. The experts from EssayOnTime who work in the offices with aquariums believe that watching your fish in the dusk helps you a lot with relieving yourself of the anxiety and stress of an all-work day. Their spirit of interaction is very entertaining to behold. They are cool natural boredom relievers.

7.  Hamster

Hamsters are notably light in weight and very charming for their fluffier appearance. However, you may need to ensure they only roam in a cage where their escape is practically impossible. The cage must be really guarded and strong enough. In fact, it appears the only worry you may encounter about this species of animals is their residence. As you attempt to clean the cage do well to keep an eye on them so they would not make a break. They are quite prone to jump about just for the fun of it. Be kind enough to provide them water and food in due time. They are purely lovable and you would effortlessly admire them.


Raising pets is actually a by-product of one’s desire to make the best out of life. You may encourage yourself to do so by nurturing pets to become your pals while in college. Ensure you abide by the rules and regulations governing pet keeping in your college. Also, understand the physiological peculiarities of each pet to survive the present habitat. The benefits are beyond raising some cash but it far extends to equally having fun, improving your psyche and appreciating nature’s goodness.

Serena Dorf is a social media savvy Los Angeles-based content writer. She is passionate about writing, personal development, marketing, and productivity. In her free time, she is reading classic American literature and learning Swedish. Feel free to connect with her on Twitter.

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