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Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


7 New Tech Innovations for Your Furry Friends You Should Instantly Try Today

7 New Tech Innovations for Your Furry Friends You Should Instantly Try Today

Dogs have proved us time and again that they are the most loyal creatures ever. They will always be kind to you, show affection, and be by your side no matter what. For all that they do for us; it becomes our duty to pay it back to them.

The best way we can thank them is to introduce them to new gadgets and innovations which can help in their maintenance, care, and growth. New tech innovations would get them excited. From dog toys, dog bones, squishies, or products which dogs chew on, you can treat them with anything.

From the yummiest of dog treats to the most innovative of toys and gadgets, buy your furry friends something which intrigues them, keeps them busy and makes them love you more. (even though they love you the most)

Top 7 New Tech Innovations for Your Furry Friends

1. Contech ChatterBowl Talking Dog Bowl

Do you miss feeding your dog? Do you feel like your dog misses your voice while you feed it? Well, worry, not. The Contech Chatterbowl Talking Dog Bowl is a fantastic invention. Through this, you can feed your voice messages on the dog bowl.

Every time your dog comes to eat food from the bowl, it will be able to hear your clear messages through the talking dog bowl. You can use this bowl to feed nutritious food as well as water to your dogs.

2. Petcube Bites Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser

This Petcube Bites Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser is no less than a treat for your dogs. For days when you have to spend a night away from your dog, and you miss it, you can always use this. It comes with a two-way audio system and supports wifi connection.

It has an excellent 1080p high definition camera, which makes it feel like you are always with your dogs. The most exciting feature about this product is that through its supported phone app, you can still treat your dogs with the built-in dispenser, which is just a click away.

3. Canine Swim Safe

Make your trips to the pool a million times better by taking your dogs with you. Not just that, with the canine swim safe, they can have a fun time themselves at the pool too.

The appeal of the product is in the shape of a mermaid, which makes your furry friend, the cutest swim buddy. If your dog is fearful of the water, the new flotation device instilled in the product is the way to go for. This mini life jacket comes with a holder attached to it so that your dog stays stable in the water, and there are no chances of it drowning.

4. Petego Pet at Work Pet Carrier

If you are a travel fanatic but also wish to carry your dogs around with you, the Petego Pet at work pet carrier is the best option available for you in the market. There are multiple benefits attached to it. You can carry your dog around safely.

You can put its dog house inside it. You can carry your dog bones and dog toys. And the best part, you can also keep your laptops and similar devices inside it, ensuring its safety. It is sturdy and portable. You can also expand it to the size you desire.

5. Cool Vest for Dogs

Just like humans, it is natural for dogs to feel the heat of the day, as well. Constant exposure to the sun may also lead to rashes and other skin diseases on the dogs. That is when cooling vests for dogs come into play. This vest is extremely light and thin.

You have to put it on the dog for it to do its magic. The vest gets quickly activated with just a few splashes of water and doesn’t require prior refrigeration. The material is solid and also chemical-free. The water on the vest, when evaporated, helps in maintaining the cold temperature on your four-legged friend.

6. Automobile Back Seat Hammock Protector

Traveling with your dog in your car is not always the most convenient job. Use automobile back seat hammock protector to solve your problems. This product helps and protects your dogs from falling off the seat. It also keeps your car free of pet hair.

The hammock works as a barrier between the front seat and the back seat. This, in return, ensures that your dogs don’t distract you while you drive.

7. Contech Automatic Outdoor Pet Drinking Fountain

It is essential that your dogs get fresh and clean water. The Contech pet drinking water appliance is automatic and dog-friendly. It will only disperse out water when your dog puts its mouth in front of it. It ensures that water is not wasted. Your dogs will never remain thirsty again. You are also excused from continually filling up the dog’s water bowl, thus saving your time.

The installation of the faucet is also relatively simple and basic.


Because all the animals are impaired of speaking and showing their emotions, as a human being, it becomes a hundred and ten times more important for us to care and nurture them properly.

Just like we get attracted to new technology and inventions, the dogs feel the same way too. It makes them happy and excited. Invest in these latest tech innovations, which are dog-friendly and pocket-friendly. Make them feel consequential, special, and loved, just like they do!

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