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7 Myths About CBD For Dog You Must Be Curious To Know

7 Myths About CBD For Dog You Must Be Curious To Know

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Every city has dog owners who treat them as a part of their family and dedicate their efforts to keep them healthy. They are always looking for different substances that can enhance their furry friend’s health. One such naturally occurring substance is CBD. The legalization of cannabis in certain states has spurred up the usage of CBD in humans. In humans, CBD assists enhance immunity, relieves anxiety, and reduces joint pains, which is why people are curious to explore CBD’s usefulness for their pets. However, people are still a little skeptical about the wonderful benefits CBD can provide to their pets. Therefore, in this article, we will be busting seven myths about CBD for pets. But before that, let’s understand about CBD.
What is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

7 Myths About CBD For Dog You Must Be Curious To Know

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The cannabis plant contains two main components, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which generates a “high” and “euphoric” sensation, and cannabidiol (CBD), which is a non-hallucinogenic component that contributes to numerous health benefits. Various medical researches have revealed CBD’s therapeutic benefits, which has also led to the emergence of multiple CBD products. Some popular Lazarus Naturals CBD products are CBD oil, tinctures, edibles, and gummies.

Now, let’s bust some superstitions around the usage of cannabidiol for dogs.

1. CBD Will Get My Dog “High”:

A common misconception among dog owners is that administering cannabidiol to the pet can get them high and make them euphoric. However, as discussed earlier, CBD is the non-intoxicating component derived from hemp, which relates to the cannabis family. The hemp plant comprises a negligible amount of THC, which is not enough to get anyone stoned. The only chance of getting your dog stoned using CBD is by giving them low-quality CBD products, which might carry higher THC than it should. To avoid this, always purchase CBD from a trusted manufacturer who will deliver high-quality CBD products only. These manufacturers make sure that they remove all traces of THC. In fact, some manufacturers provide CBD for review, which enables you to examine the quality of their product and see that no one is getting any “high”. It also allows you to check the potency, making sure it is useful for your pet.

2. CBD Will Cure Anything That Ails my Dog:

7 Myths About CBD For Dog You Must Be Curious To Know

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This again is a popular myth rumored by unscrupulous salespeople who promise to cure every ailment. Unfortunately, it is not true. The claims made by these salespeople have no scientific basis and no clinical trials or research to back up with. You should not depend on CBD for treating any health issues for your dog. CBD can be beneficial in tackling the signs of some disorders. The most typical qualities of CBD are:

  • Counters pain
    The cannabinoids in cannabidiol aid alleviate pain. Studies reveal that CBD can manage neuropathic discomfort in dogs, which helps them deal with joint pain and arthritis.
  • Prevents convulsions
    CBD’s best benefits are managing seizures, tremors, convulsions, and spasms. CBD also shows potential to treat symptoms of epilepsy.
  • Fights inflammation
    CBD’s anti-inflammatory feature is beneficial for the heart, treating nausea, increasing appetite, relieving stress, and other cancer-related symptoms.
  • Fights symptoms of cancer
    Research states that cannabidiol supports in slowing down the expansion, growth, and spread of cysts. CBD can help dogs suffering from poor appetite due to cancer by stimulating their appetite
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  • Promotes holistic health
    CBD can be an excellent supplement to enhance the overall well-being of dogs from physical to mental well-being.

3. CBD will get my puppy tired:

People often associate every compound related to cannabis, or marijuana to laziness and think that it is going to make their pet tired and dopey. However, CBD doesn’t make your pet tired. Instead, CBD can relieve your pet from any anxiety or any infection symptoms, making them feel better. It makes your puppy more relaxed and calm. One can check out MWI CBD & Smoke Shop Supplies At Wholesale Prices!

In human beings consuming CBD oil brings calmness. Similarly, in pets too, CBD oil helps calm their anxiety signs. Some of the prevalent indications of anxiety in dogs are:

  • Continuous barks
  • Incessant chewing of stuff
  • Untimely urinating and pooping
  • Sudden aggression
  • Convulsions

As per a journal, CBD can also help pets to sleep better and wake up energized.

4. CBD goods designed for individuals are also suitable for dogs:

This is a rather serious myth. People often assume that CBD products that are effective for humans are suitable for their puppies also. The reality is far different. Though CBD goods for humans and pets can be similar, their concentrations are entirely different. A human body’s weight and metabolic rate are different than your four-legged friend. The potency of CBD in a CBD edible made for humans can be too concentrated for dogs. Therefore, check with a vet before administering CBD products for your dogs.

5. All CBD are the Same:

Not every cannabidiol product accessible in the market is the same. Numerous brands are taking advantage of the lack of regulation and making sub-standard CBD products. Some brands do not even mention the CBD percentage on their products, which makes it challenging to understand the right dosing for the pet. To give you an idea of how the CBD products can differ, here are two examples of oil that are products of cannabis.

CBD Oil: CBD oil contains all the 100+ cannabinoids that also offer therapeutic properties. It also includes other essential oil called terpenes that give the fragrance to cannabis plants and provide added medicinal benefits. These terpenes and cannabinoids play an indispensable role in the proper working of the CBD molecule. They allow CBD to easily pass the blood-brain barrier helping in easy absorption and dosing.

Hemp seed Oil: Another confusing CBD product in the market is hemp seed oil, which is beneficial if it has CBD. So, do not use hemp seed oil alone, as it doesn’t have considerable amounts of CBD.

Therefore, not every CBD product in the market is the same.

6. Dogs Can Overdose From CBD:

CBD is harmless. It doesn’t cause any intoxication and provides tremendous medical benefits that help canines lead a healthy and peaceful life. It is very difficult to hurt your pet by giving them a large dose.
To date, there has been no evidence of CBD’s lethal overdose, especially in dogs. Contrary to THC, the noxiousness of CBD is minimal. However, it would help if you always begin with a moderate dose and then slowly raise the dosings. Make sure to check the carrier oil in CBD oil(MCT oil or Hemp seed oil), as that might upset the dog’s stomach.

7. CBD is Addictive:

Another stereotype related to CBD is that it can be addictive. People often portray cannabis users as stoners and addicts, which has percolated to its derivatives, i.e., CBD. As per a Washington Post, CBD doesn’t possess any risk of addiction in humans. Analysis has unveiled that CBD can better reduce addictive behaviors. According to MedicalJane’s article, people who took CBD oil smoked fewer cigarettes than those under generic medications. These are the clinical trials run on humans, but more research is required to understand the use of CBD for pets. The metabolic activity is different in humans and dogs, but a more moderate dose of cannabidiol can have similar results in dogs.


To summarize, the above myths related to cannabidiol for dogs are only valid until you are unaware of the facts. Now that you know the secrets behind CBD, you can reap its benefits for your dog’s well-being. Understand that CBD is a plant-based derivative of the cannabis plant, making it safe and reliable. However, just like any medication, CBD might have mild consequences, and one of the typical side effects of overdose is stomach upset for your dog. So, always start with a low dosage and monitor its effects before giving more. It will also be helpful if you check with your veterinarian first before administering CBD.

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