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7 Must Know Dog Walking Tips

7 Must Know Dog Walking Tips

It is good to walk your dog at least once a day, but how will you handle a dog that is unwilling to walk with you outdoors? If you want to walk your dog effectively and daily it will all come down to how motivated you are. Keep in mind that walking your dog regularly is not only good for the health and well being of the dog, it is also important for your well being. To make dog walking more pleasurable, you should consider the following tips and ideas;

Make use of a Front Clip Harness if Your Dog Pulls on Leash

Is your dog constantly pulling the leash? You may want to consider using the front clip harness. Dog harnesses and collars that clip on the back are known for encouraging pulling. It may take a long time for you to figure this out but once you do, please switch to the front clip harness and collar. Front clip harness is particularly better because it directs the dog’s attention from you when you pull on the leash to gain control of the walk. Make sure the clip is located on the front when shopping for the right harness. Keep in mind you still need to train your dog for proper walking behavior.

Avoid Using Retractable Leash for Walking the Dog

Retractable leashes can create several hazards when compared to traditional leashes. For this reason, you should avoid such retractable options. The main problem with retractable leashes is the length which gives you less control of a dog, especially in the high traffic area. If care is not taken, a dog can run into the street because retractable leashes are not easy to reel in. The locks on retractable leashes are also known to disengage without enough pressure.

Wear a Reflective gear if You Walk the Dog in the Evening

If you have driven at night without good visibility, then you will probably know how important reflective components can be. If there are no sidewalks in your neighborhood, you need to ensure that you give oncoming drivers some visibility by wearing a reflective gear while walking your dog. For your safety and that of your dog, make sure you wear reflective gear when walking your dog at night. You can also get a reflective collar or leash to make things easier. You can learn more from this by visiting

Keep the Dog Focus by Coming with Its Favorite Treats

No matter which path you choose to walk your dog, there will always be some distractions, hunting dog breeds, for instance, will see smaller animals on their path as an opportunity to hunt. One of the best possible ways to keep your dog focused is to throw its favorite treat whenever she is distracted while walking. You can prepare your DIY treats and bring them with you when walking the dog. When it comes to fruits and veggies, make sure you choose approved ones and avoid those that can cause digestive issues.

Watch Out for Those Hot Pavements in Summer Seasons

If you want to know if a pavement is too hot for your dog, simply place your barefoot or hand under the pavement. If the pavement is too hot for your skin, it may equally be too hot for the dog’s feet. Extremely hot pavements can cause serious discomfort and injuries to the dog paws.

If you have to walk the dog on extremely hot days, you may want to consider walking the animal on the grass, shaded park, or in the woods. If your dog is not tolerant to extreme heat, you may want to get her some footie to protect her paws. You should consider walking your dog early in the morning before the sun comes out or in the evening when the sun has set.

Give the Dog Proper Identification

Every time you leave the house with your dog, make sure she has the proper ID tags. Unfortunately, you have no control over everything that happens when walking your dog, but the proper identification tag can help you identify or report the animal when she gets lost.

Make sure the tag is up to date. A personalized collar containing your phone number is one of the best options you should consider Collars can break, hence you should consider a microchip from the veterinarian. Make sure you register all information on the microchip, this will help find your dog if she gets lost.

Always Bring Plenty of Water for the Dog

Whether the weather is hot or not, you need to keep a bottle of water for your dog during a walk-out. If for instance, you are going to walk for more than half an hour in hot weather conditions, you will need at least 1 liter of water to give your dog, after the walk. Dogs become dehydrated quickly, and that could be noticed when the pace of walk decreases significantly. Watch out for panting in the dog, it is a sign of distress.


There are lots of other consideration that can make dog-walking very pleasant. For instance, it is important to always to pick up your dog’s poop. Cleaning after your dog while enjoying a walk will not only make you a good, tidy neighbor, leaving the dog poop behind can cause major health problems in other pets and humans alike. Pet poops contain harmful bacteria that can easily spread to other pets.

It is equally important to allow your dog to sniff around for mental stimulation during a walk. The walk time may mean the only opportunity for most dogs to explore the environment, hence you should give them some time to sniff around. Don’t allow the dog to sniff around the neighborhood every 5 seconds, perhaps you should allow her to do so after every 10-15 minutes of walk. Make sure the leash doesn’t leave your hand even when the animal is sniffing. You will be surprised at how a few minutes of sniffing can affect your dog positively.

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