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7 Impressive Benefits of Vitamin B12 Supplement for Dogs

7 Impressive Benefits of Vitamin B12 Supplement for Dogs

A healthy dog is a happy dog. And if our dogs are happy, well, so are we. Vitamin B12 is directly related to the cognitive health and well-being of your dog. We love to see our dogs eat, drink water, play with their dog toys and chew away on dog bones. We like to see them active and energetic. Whether it’s running after their dog toy during fetch, or having fun with their dog chew, Vitamin B12 allows your four-legged friend to keep energy levels high and eat his favorite things.

Vitamin B12 is also known as Cyanocobalamin, and it considerably helps in maintaining the optimum energy level of your dog, motor functions and even helps your little pooch enjoy his meals more! The benefits can be reaped from this vitamin by ensuring that he gets the right amount of it from his diet.

A good diet which includes meat helps ensuring that your furry baby gets enough vitamin B12. Quality pet supplements of vitamin B12 can also be given to your dog to ensure that he gets the essential nutrients that he needs.

The early signs of a deficiency in Vitamin B12 are a significant loss in appetite as well as weight loss, lethargy, and indigestion of food. In case these signs are prevalent, it could mean there is a deficiency. Your dog is not getting the right amount of nutrients that are required.

Benefits of Vitamin B12 for Dogs

Optimum health and wellness

Vitamin B12 supplies your furry best friend with a substantial amount of cobalamin which is essential for the best possible health and nutrition of your dog. If there is a deficiency of cobalamin this could irreversibly damage the structure of the spinal cord and the brain or it could even lead to fatigue and depression.


B12 increases the appetite of your dog which allows him to feel hungry enough to eat, and ensures that all other nutritional requirements of your dog are fulfilled.

Healthy nervous system

One of the major benefits of vitamin B12 is that it helps in promoting a healthy nervous system for your dog. B12 produces myelin which is a protective tissue coating the nerves in the brain. For good physiological functioning, this vitamin provides the necessary nutrients.

Spinal health

Cyanocobalamin or vitamin B12 plays an important role in maintaining the spinal health of your dog. In addition, the vitamin combines itself with several other minerals, and this, in turn, assists in boosting cellular metabolism.

Production of Red Blood Cells

Cyanocobalamin also plays a role in producing red blood cells. Your dog will be able to transfer nutrients and oxygen effectively to all parts of his body with adequate red blood cells. This provides a good amount of energy for your dog to perform a majority of physical activities throughout the day.

Prevention of diseases

Vitamin B12 in your dog is also necessary to prevent diseases such as EPI, exocrine pancreatic deficiency. This disease impairs the ability of your dog to digest food as due to the pancreas inadequacy to produce the required enzymes for food digestion. Vitamin B12 prevents such diseases.

Better digestion

Vitamin B12 allows for a better system of digestion for your dog, without adequate vitamin B12 your dog could have indigestion which could result in diarrhea. Vitamin B12 helps in ensuring that your dog has the appetite to eat, as well as the digestive system to digest the food.

Vitamin B12 has several surprising and impressive benefits that keep your dog healthy and both of you happier. Playing with you, or playing with their dog toys, dogs are healthier and more alert with a sufficient amount of Vitamin B12 in their diet.

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