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7 Dreadful Water Safety Mistakes Pet Owners Can’t Afford to Make

7 Dreadful Water Safety Mistakes Pet Owners Can't Afford to Make

“No matter how you’re feeling, a little dog is always gonna love you.”
Waka Flocka Flame

We are always going to love dogs, as well for several reasons. Dogs are undoubtedly extremely intelligent beings. They are compassionate and understanding. They make for the best listeners, but they are also extremely dependent on our attention and our care. No one knows your furry friend more than you do. It becomes our responsibility to take care of our dogs and keep them safe. We must assume this responsibility completely and never waiver our attention to our dogs, especially when we bring them close to pools, shores, and oceans.

Dogs love adventure, and they love sharing it all with you. When it comes to water, dogs can have a wonderful time and enjoy themselves, like we do at the beach or the pool. There is nothing better than heading out to sunbathe, play fetch, walk on the beach and swim in gorgeous rivers and lakes with your four-legged friend, and of course, along with their dog toys, dog chews, and lots of dogs treats to snack on.

There are a few things that pet parents tend to forget when it comes to water and our beloved furry friends.

1. Assuming that your dog knows how to swim

There’s a widespread and shared belief that all dogs know how to swim. This may be true up to a certain extent, but it is dangerous to make this assumption. Some breeds love to swim, and breeds that are land-lovers such as pugs and bulldogs. And even if your dog doesn’t fall into this category, maybe he doesn’t like the water. If this is the case, you must ensure that you don’t put your dog in such a situation and make him struggle with something he doesn’t enjoy. While they will attempt to survive in water, we can’t confuse their intent to get back to shore with the pleasure of swimming in the water.

Puppies are also susceptible when they are young. If they are put in a stressful situation, they could lose control and drown. You should never assume that they have the basic intent to swim in any case when it comes to puppies as the risks of drowning are very high.

2. Leaving your dog unattended by a river, lake or pool

While it may be a beautiful sight to watch your dog run free across green lands and blue water bodies, many owners make the mistake of leaving their dog by the pool or river unattended.
While there is the problem that dogs may not be able to swim, another issue that it faced is that dogs may not be able to find their way out of a dense forest or out of the water body due to exhaustion. Your dog’s stamina can be good, but at times, it may not be consistent.
For this reason, we must never forget to pay attention to our dogs when he’s close to water.

3. Knowing CPR for Dogs

We are barely well versed in Human CPR. But we must take the initiative to learn CPR for our dogs as this could save your dog’s life in time in case of anything that happens.

4. Invest in a Life Jacket

Dogs must use life jackets when they are in the water. Not investing in a life jacket essentially means risking the life of your dog. Life jackets do what they say- they save lives.

“A dog’s life jacket will not only keep him afloat but will also allow owners to easily grab him by the handle that’s placed on the back of the vest.”

A life jacket provides a bit of safety, and you can be more at ease but just as attentive when your dog is wearing one in the water. Even if an accident happens, with a life jacket, you would be able to pull up your four-legged friend by the handles on the jacket.

5. Give your dog enough resting time and breaks

After swimming or playing in the water, give your dog the rest he needs. Even the most athletic dogs deal with fatigue and exhaustion. They must be well-rested after they play or swim, and they should be given breaks between so that they don’t get too tired. Allow your dog some time to play with his pet toys, dog chews, or just snack on some treats when they are relaxing.

6. Do not keep Your Dog’s Collar On

Keeping your dog’s collar on is another mistake pet parent tend to make. The collar can get caught on branches or debris in the water that could be very problematic as it can trap them underwater. Remove your dog’s collar before heading into the water.

7. Forcing a Dog to Swim Just Because You Want to Have a Swimming Dog

Some dogs do not want to swim, and some owners cannot accept this fact. Lots of owners keep trying to accommodate their dogs with water regardless of how their dogs feel. It will not only be wrong as you aren’t listening to what your dog wants, but it would taint your relationship with your dog.

If a dog is forced to swim when he does not want to, he may end up panicking and hurting himself. It could be traumatic for your dog as well. Only do as much that your dog wants to. Your dog’s comfort zone is your comfort zone.

Our dogs have been there for us, and we must be there for them too.

As dog lovers, you must take every conceivable measure to keep your furry friend safe. Water is fun and exciting but has a lot of danger attached. It can be avoided if you are attentive and follow these little tips, which will help you and your dog enjoy what the vast blue waters have to offer!

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