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6 Habits To Keep Yourself and Your Pet Healthy

6 Habits To Keep Yourself and Your Pet Healthy

Keeping a pet can be very good for your mental and physical health. The companionship, regular activity and set schedule of pet ownership is beneficial for both you and your new best friend. Here are a few habits to keep your pet healthy and keep yourself healthy at the same time.


Pay attention to what you and your pet are eating. Diet is the foundation of good health, and it’s important to know what you’re putting in your body. Whether you’re making sure you have a balanced diet or looking at supplements like thrive side effects are something you consider. You should do the same for your pet and their diet. Check reviews for pet foods and treats to see what real consumers are saying, and investigate the science behind diet. Remember, just like different humans have different reactions to different diets, so too do pets. What works for a cat certainly won’t work for a dog, and what is best for your Chihuahua certainly won’t be what’s best for a Saint Bernard.


Exercise is another important part of health, both for you and for your pet. It’s not good for you to sit around all day, note is it good for your pet to remain inactive all the time, unless you have a pet rock. Sometimes getting up to take your pet for a walk or play with them can be a great way for both of you to get the exercise you need, but remember that not all pets need the same kind or amount of exercise. Cats, for example, are not always leash-trainable and they are usually going to live happier, healthier lives if you keep them indoors. That doesn’t mean they don’t need exercise, just like you do.

Preventative Care

You take yourself to your regular checkups and you should do exactly the same for your pet. They need vaccinations and regular health checks too, and with those health checks comes advice about the best ways to take care of yourself. You brush your teeth every day to keep yourself out of a dentist’s chair, so what everyday health and wellness habits should your pet be practicing? It will likely look a little different from yours, but it’s no less important.


You cannot underestimate the importance of mental health when you’re thinking about both your and your pet’s wellness. Socialization is an important part of your mental health. Socializing your pet properly can often be a gateway to a community of your own. If you take your dog to the dog park, that’s an opportunity for you to meet and interact with other dog owners, as just one obvious example. Many less common pets have online forums or local communities you can get involved in as well.

Self Care and Enrichment

This is all part of taking care of yourself and making sure that both you and your pet have a fun, enriched life. Your pet, for example, needs entertainment, in the form of playtime, or socializing or an environment built for them. A pet rat or gerbil wants plenty of tunnels and space to burrow, in order to be happy, and you need enrichment in the form of hobbies, entertainment and travel.


Setting a schedule is another way you can help both your and your pet’s mental health. Having a set schedule can keep you going even when things are hard or jolt you out of a rut when things get bad. Similarly, the rhythm of a set schedule helps your pet know that it is safe and cared for.

Pet ownership had many rewards. The best pets are often friends for life and not just any kind of friend. True friends make each other laugh and are there for each other no matter what. True friends take care of each other and make each other’s lives better. That is exactly what having a pet can do for you. If you take care of them, they’ll take care of you too.

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