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5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy All Summer Long

When you’re getting ready to spend more time outdoors with your dog this summer, there are a few things that you need to think about doing to make sure your dog stays safe and healthy. Here are five important ways to care for your dog’s health this summer.

1. Keep Your Dog Cool and Comfortable

If your dog likes spending a lot of time outdoors but you’re concerned about the heat, make sure that your dog has some good ways to stay cool in the hot summer months. First and foremost, some shade can help your dog stay at least ten degrees cooler on a hot and sunny day. You may think about getting an awning with room for the whole family to get together outside that your dog can use as well. Alternatively, you can get a tent-like covering similar to those that you might see on the beach. Both you and your dog will have space to relax outside there. In addition, your dog might like having a raised bed. Compared to most beds and pads, this type of bed won’t trap your dog’s body heat and will help him or her to stay much cooler. In addition, they’re really comfy and can help alleviate joint pain in older dogs.

2. Protect Your Dog From the Sun

Just like people, many dogs need protection from the sun’s UV rays. Dogs with thin coats need some sun protection if they’re going to be in the sun for any extended period of time. The UV rays can cause sun burn, irritation, and even more serious skin conditions. All dogs’ noses will be susceptible to the sun and may need a little extra protection to avoid burning or cracking, especially dogs with dark colored noses that attract sunlight. Pick up some sunscreen that’s specially formulated for dogs. Don’t use a sunscreen that’s made for people because that could be harmful if your dog licks his or her fur or skin. In addition, your dog may require some protective eyewear if you’re going to spend a whole day together outside in the sunlight. Both people and dogs’ eyes can be severely burned and damaged by UV rays. Some eyewear specially made for dogs will protect your dog’s eyes and help to prevent acute burning and long-term damage.

3. Provide Continuous Access to Fresh Water

Your dog needs fresh water out all the time, but it’s especially important during the summertime when he or she will get hot and thirsty more quickly. Help your dog stay hydrated by making sure that there’s always fresh water available. If you have to leave your dog for any period of time, a pet fountain would be a good investment. It will keep water fresh and oxygenated, and the sound of flowing water may make your dog more interested in drinking. If you’re going out for a long walk, be sure to bring some water with you that your dog can drink. You can get a water bottle specially designed for dogs to drink from, or you can bring water in your bottle and carry along a travel bowl.

4. Ensure That There Aren’t Any Poisonous Plants Around Your Home

If you let your dog hang out in your front or back yard, you’ll want to make certain that your landscaping doesn’t contain any plant life that is harmful or poisonous to dogs. Even though plants certainly aren’t among a dog’s favorite foods, you may notice that he or she sometimes goes for tall grass and even flowers. It’s thought that some dogs do this to get some fiber or to alleviate an upset stomach, and some dogs may do this just because they like the texture or they’ll snack on just about anything that looks interesting. However, some plants and flowers can cause serious stomach upset; tulips, hydrangeas, oleander, and sago palm are a few examples. When you’re working with a company that provides lawn service Minneapolis, you should notify them if you’re concerned about any of your existing landscaping choices. Get some input about a safe substitution for the plants that you’re concerned about.

5. Safeguard Against Biting Insects

Heat and humidity can cause a surge in the population of biting insects. Protect your dog against fleas, ticks, and other biting insects by using a topical treatment or prescription pill. This will prevent your dog from experiencing itching and uncomfortable bites or bringing fleas inside of your home.

Summer is the best time of year to enjoy with your dog. Keep an eye towards safety to make sure that he or she has a wonderful and healthy summer.

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