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5 Tips for Writing a Resume for Your Pet

You’ve probably found yourself in a situation where you find a great apartment, and the landlord is willing to rent to you, until you tell them about your pet. Sometimes a pet is a dealbreaker, but landlords are becoming more open to renters bringing their pets, so it’s worth putting together a resume for your pet. Follow these five tips for writing a resume for your pet.


Describe your pet

Perhaps you’re dealing with a landlord that is skeptical, or flat out opposed to you bringing a pet. You can try and put them at ease, and maybe even change their mind by telling them all about your pet. It could just be fear of the unknown that’s driving their opposition. Maybe when you say you have a dog, they picture a giant Saint Bernard drooling all over the carpets and breaking things. Unless you’re bringing Cujo along with you, you can probably make them feel a bit better by describing what your pet is really like.

Breed is an important factor your landlord will want to know, because some breeds are much friendlier and easier to live with than others. “The size of your pet is also very important, the bigger the animal, the more capacity there is for property damage. Whether or not your pet is spayed or neutered has a major impact on their level of aggression, and the amount of odour they’ll bring to the property. Consider having your pet spayed or neutered if you want to increase your chances of getting into the rental property you want”, – explains Robert Creel, a Business writer at Paper Fellows.

Sell them on your pet

This section is going to assume that you’ve taken some important and positive steps in caring for your pet. Don’t dress up your pet resume aka lie to the landlord about how well-trained your pet is. It’s not going to end well for anyone if you do. Be sure to emphasize how well trained and well-behaved your pet is. If you had your pet professionally trained, offer to show the landlord proof, and if your pet is not professionally trained, think about setting up an appointment. If you want you can mention specific qualities a landlord will appreciate such as your dog not chewing on furniture, or being quiet. One of the most important things they will care about is how clean your pet is, so really drive home how clean your pet is, and how responsible you are about tidying up after them. Talk about how much you groom your pet, the shots they have, and the measures you take to prevent unpleasant situations like fleas.

Access online resources to write an accurate resume

Writing can be difficult for some people, so don’t be afraid to get some help from the professionals. Here are some good resources that will help:

#1. StateofWriting and Via Writing – Check out these online writing guides for help writing an accurate resume for your pet. Even if you’re an experienced writer, you can still benefit from some new ideas.

#2. UK Writings – This is a resume editing and proofreading tool you can use to go over your pet resume for typos and other mistakes.

#3. Academ Advisor – This is a handy resource where you will find lots of grammar tips and also a place where you can have your resume checked over professionally.

#4. Boom Essays – Check out this resume formatting tool, as mentioned by Best Australian Writers, that will make creating your resume much simpler and easier.

#5. My Writing Way and Academized – These are resume title and power word generators. Using power words will help your resume get noticed and stand out.

#6. Essay Roo – This is a plagiarism guide you can use to check over your resume copy to make sure it passes a plagiarism test.

Include a photo of your pet

Take a cute photo of your pet and include it with the resume. Going back to the fear of the unknown factor, showing a photo where your pet looks friendly and adorable can help relax a landlord. People just generally have a hard time resisting an adorable animal, so it can’t hurt to include one. This tactic really only works with pets like dogs and cats, you probably won’t win any points by including a photo of your giant iguana.

Use references

Having a few references for your pet can really help win over a landlord. Contact a few friends, neighbours, or even your veterinarian beforehand and ask if they’ll be a reference. Hearing positive things about your pet from people other than you can make a landlord feel more confident about having you and your pet in his rental unit.


A pet resume certainly is not a guarantee, but sometimes it is enough to win over a reluctant landlord. Things are changing, and landlords are slowly becoming more and more okay with pets living in their properties. Use these five tips for writing a resume for your pet.

Guest Article by Freddie Tubbs

Freddie is a content writer and editor at Big Assignments. He is running Ox Essays blog and is a blog contributor at the Vault and Australian help.

Cute Photo by @milo_ono

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