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5 Tips on Bringing the Second Cat into Your Home

Some cat owners have failed terribly when they tried to adopt a new cat. These are the ones who hurriedly decided to adopt a new because they found it lovely and friendly. You have to consider the feelings of your other cat before you decide on introducing a second cat. Try having your friend come over and bring their cat along this way; you can tell from the cats’ reaction whether it’s ready to accept a newcomer or not. Here are several tips on bringing a second cat to your home.

1. Consider the Cat’s Personalities

Before you decide to bring another cat home, you need to consider some few factors like gender, age and physical activity level. When you put age into consideration, experts advise that you don’t pair an old cat with a kitten. This is because kittens have no respect for territorial boundaries while the old cats protect their boundaries fiercely. That may be a cause of conflict when introducing a second cat.

When you have gender as a factor to consider, you are advised to keep cats of different genders. They easily adapt to each other and find ways to co-exist peacefully. Keeping the different genders maybe a bit of a challenge though since they might mate and you will end up with more cats.

Different cats have different levels of physical activity depending on their breed. The best cat breeds to own depends on which kind of cat you want. Some are peaceful and less talkative while the others are jumpy and talkative. Select the kind of breed that you prefer. However, take precaution so that you don’t end up with some of the most aggressive cat breeds which include, Bengals and savannahs.

2. Why Do You Want Another Cat?

Why do you need an additional cat? Is it for your good or for the other cat? Before introducing a cat to new home, you need to have all the preparations in place. If your reason for getting another cat is because you think the other cat is bored and needs company, then sorry but you don’t need a cat, but if your reason is that you feel the need to have a new companion, then you’re on the right track.

When your new cat arrives home, here are some tips on what to do with a cat:

  • If you have a small room, get some extra space by having cat towers placed.
  • First, keep them in different places so that they will get used to having each other around before they can interact face to face.
  • Give them equal attention. If you usually play with your cat for 20 minutes, don’t stop, instead, give each of the cats 20 minutes to     play with you.
  • Pamper the cats. Did you know cats also need toys? Buying them such toys can be of help in making the resident cat less angry about the newcomer.

3. Get  Ready to Play Match Maker

Wondering how to introduce a kitten to a new home? Bringing a kitten into a home with a cat? Some expert’s advice that you first wipe both cats faces with the same towel so that they can get used to each other. Then introduce your kitten to the other cat by playing with both of them at the same time. All this is to show the other cat that the kitten did not come to steal its place. After they seem comfortable with each other, you can leave them alone and watch their reaction from a distance. If all goes well, you are assured that your cats will live peacefully. However, you need to know that the bonding is not a one-day affair, it takes time, and you need to be patient with both cats. Even if bringing a kitten to a home with a cat is not easy, it’s definitely worth the hustle. So, go ahead and add cat friends to your home!

4. Feed the Cats Together

By together we don’t mean on the same plate but rather in the same room or corner. Just like humans, meal times are the perfect bonding time for cats. This is effective especially when there is enough food for both cats, and they don’t have to scramble. For the mealtime bonding to be effective, you need to put little food in each bowl and feed them several times after introducing a second cat.

5. Take a Back Seat

It is time to stop getting involved and allow the cats to interact with each other. Watch them closely and decide whether you want 1 cat or 2. Your skills of introducing a second cat is put to the test here. If the cats bond well then congratulations, you successfully added a new member.


Do you have a cat? Would you want more, and thinking of introducing cat to new home? Do you understand what it takes to have more than 1 cat? These are the basic questions you might have asked yourself at first. We hope you got the much-needed insight from this article. If you have other tips that worked for you while introducing your new cat, feel free to add them in the comments.


About the writer: Rachel Burns is an animal lover and journalist based in Dallas. Writing about animals is a job of her dreams. When she’s not writing or spending time with her beloved dog, Charles, she enjoys road cycling. Connect with Rachel on Facebook.

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