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5 Summer Activities for You and Your Dog to Enjoy

5 Summer Activities for You and Your Dog to Enjoy

Everyone looks forward to summertime and the outdoor adventures that come with the amazing weather. Because summer is such a fun time of year, it’s important to make the most of it.

Being a dog owner gives you even more reason to get outside and revel in the glorious outdoors around you. What’s more, lots of pooches absolutely adore being outside because it gives them the chance to go walking, explore, discover, and exercise ‘till their heart’s content.

If you’re looking for some summer activities for you and your dog to enjoy then keep reading!

Go on a pet picnic

A picnic is the quintessential summer activity, and nothing would make it more enjoyable than to share it with your four-legged best friend, right? If you have a bike, you can cycle to a nearby park, field, canal, or somewhere just as tranquil. If your pooch is the right size, you could even get a dog basket for a bike and pop it on there too!

Even if you don’t fancy cycling, you can still go right ahead and pack up some tasty treats that are suitable for you and your companion and don’t forget some toys to play with. Once you’ve eaten all the food and soaked up some sunshine, you can enjoy a long walk around some beautiful surroundings.

Take your dog swimming

If you’ve never been swimming with your pup before, then now is the time. It’s a super way to overcome the hot weather for you and your furry friend, so head to a local lake or beach and get wet!

You might need to get your dog used to being in the water, so don’t send them into the deep stuff without getting them used to the whole swimming thing first. Similarly, if your dog isn’t a swimmer, don’t force them into anything that might distress them.

For dogs who fancy a dip, here’s how you can build them up to it:

  • Go on walks that are close to water so that your pooch can get acquainted with the sights, smells and sounds associated with it.
  • Locate a dog-friendly beach or lake that isn’t overly populated and hectic.
  • Pick an area where the water is calm so – ideally no waves or crashing water that can startle your pup.
  • Lead by example by walking into the water yourself as this will help your dog gain confidence and feel encouraged that it’s safe to follow you.
  • Allow them to choose their depth, but keep an eye on them and ensure they don’t paddle out too far.

Give agility classes a try

Dogs of all shapes and sizes have been known to ace the agility courses, so why not yours too? If you think your that your dog would enjoy it and/or show potential as an agility athlete then get them signed up to a local agility class together.

Give it a couple of classes to see if they take to it and if they’re loving the experience (even if they aren’t amazing at it), you can keep attending and even set up some obstacles for them at home or in the garden.

This is a wonderful way to spend some quality bonding with one another and keep both of you mentally and physically active.

Get a photoshoot

Summer weather means beautiful scenery and backdrops for a photoshoot! If you fancy something that is lowkey and low energy, then lying down and having your photo taken will be perfect.

Get them hidden under the shade for more improved lighting and snap away. Alternatively, you could be the other side of the lens if you hire a professional to come and capture you and your companion together on a summer’s day.

Go dog-friendly glamping

Everyone loves a summer holiday, and dog’s do too. Dog-friendly glamping has continued to grow in popularity in recent years; it brings you closer to nature and there are some amazing glamping abodes out there such as huts, geodomes, wagons, lodges and much more!

Your pup will have a terrific time staying in these with you and with peace and tranquillity on your doorstep, you can embark on some delightful walks in nature together during your stay too.


A proud owner of three dogs herself, Angie has been involved in writing informative and helpful guides for the last five years.

Her passion stems from a life-long determination and adoration of helping animals. Her love of dogs has always been a big part of how she leads her life, and she admits she finds that being an admirer of a man’s best friend is something truly unsurpassable!

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