5 Shocking Impacts Of COVID-19 On The Pets

2020 has been the year of mismatch and unprecedented situations. With the significant rise of COVID-19, the world has entered the state of lockdown and isolation. Moreover, people have become skeptical of the specific situation as to what is right and wrong during these tough times.

5 Shocking Impacts Of COVID-19 On The Pets

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The fundamental questions that point towards the origin of the virus are still unknown, which, in turn, is drawing more attention towards its reach and affectivity. It doesn’t end here. Along with human beings, people have witnessed that COVID-19 has affected the lives and health of pets, which has further made the researchers conduct several other studies and analyses.

Scientists have quoted that the virus can hijack specific receptors after iterating with the cell surface protein, also known as the ACE2. Many pets like cats and dogs have the presence of these surface proteins. Furthermore, this rising thought has made the pet owners worried about their pets. To understand the situation, let’s do a quick rundown of some factors that have led to an adverse impact on pets all around the world.

1. COVID-19 has affected animal shelters.

With several beings getting affected by the virus, there’s a shocking increase in the number of cases with regards to cats and dogs. Such a situation has impacted the workings of animal rescues and shelters. Globally, organizations that took care of animal shelters have now adhered to government regulations. In several American states, people have fostered many pets to take care of them during these tough times, which is not the case with every other country in the world.

In regions affected by the virus, some of the shelters have witnessed a staggering drop amid escalating worries about depleting resources. With more borders closing daily, shortage of food and a rising figure of abandoned cats and dogs have led to plagued profoundly affected countries, such as Italy, China, and South Korea.

2. Growing stress amid pets

The widespread COVID-19 has not only left everyone in a standstill position but has also contributed to the increase in stress and anxiety levels. Like human beings, pets like dogs and cats also experience stress and anxiety, which can be a result of many things. From displaced habitat to immediate isolation, pets get more stressed in such situations. However,if your pets faces issues feel good about giving your dog CBDfx .gummies

3. The rising scare of infection among pets

While scientists and researchers are researching whether the virus can travel from human beings to pets, the cases of pets getting infected have caused more confusion and have led to more studies. Multiple COVID-19 cases have been reported amid pets. A while ago, one of the cats in Spain’s Catalonian region tested positive for COVID, which happens to be the 6th positive feline all around the globe. The American Veterinary Medical Association states that a cat in Hong Kong also tested positive without showing specific symptoms. In contrast, a cat found in Belgium recovered in nine days after testing positive for COVID-19.

5 Shocking Impacts Of COVID-19 On The Pets

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Moreover, three lions and five tigers also tested positive for coronavirus at New York’s Bronx Zoo. One of the positive tigers at the zoo also developed a dry cough. However, the World Health Organization has stated that there is no such evidence that pets can transmit the virus, but some of the cases say otherwise.

4. Running wild

In desperate times, when people are stuck indoors, pets used to fill their void. Since some pet owners have started to take the utmost care of their cats and dogs, most of them have become a bit skeptical about infected animals. Some worry that they will transmit the virus to their pets, while others are worried about the otherwise. A lot of pet owners, however, have left their pets out in the open. As a result, most of the dogs and cats roam out in the open.

5. Staying Indoors

5 Shocking Impacts Of COVID-19 On The Pets

Image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/bed-animal-dog-dogs-57627/

With several countries going through a complete lockdown phase, pet owners have shown hesitation in taking their pets out. Some of the reasons show that the pet owners were dubious of the virus getting transmitted to their pets from foreign bodies. As a result, they forced themselves to stay indoors, which, in turn, has kept pets away from going outside. To keep them charged up one can buy cbd oil from an online dispensary Canada and pour a few drops in their food to increase immunity.
Final Thoughts

Given the increasing concern amid the public, major health organizations, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the World Health Organization (WHO), have issued specific statements and measures for pet owners. Even though the virus is spreading at a rapid rate, it is essential to know what affects the pets and what does not.

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