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5 Natural Solutions For Your Dog’s Anxiety

A dog can be man’s best company. Owning a pet can give solace to your heart, but at the same time, it’s a massive commitment throughout the animal’s lifetime. Anxiety is a very common issue, even in dogs. It can be physically and emotionally draining. Fortunately, for humans, we have the resources and tools to help us with our anxiety. What about our furry friends? Many pet parents have resorted to natural solutions for this issue.

Anxiety can cause suffering in all dogs, regardless of the breed. If it’s not checked, it can develop into an anxiety disorder. This can severely affect your canine’s quality of life. So, veterinarians often prescribe synthetic medicines that may have adverse side effects on your dog. Employing organic options to help your furry friend with their struggle might be the ideal choice.

5 Natural Solutions For Your Dog's Anxiety

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Anxiety in Dogs

There are two primary types of anxiety in dogs – behavioural and situational. The former is more common. Here, your furry friend continuously feels anxious about something. Separation anxiety is a perfect example. Situational anxiety, on the other hand, also occurs during unusual situations such as vet visits, thunderstorms, loud noises, etc.

Read on to learn about five natural solutions to treat your dog’s anxiety.

Natural Solutions for Your Dog’s Anxiety

1) CBD Oil

CBD oil has skyrocketed in popularity on the account of its therapeutic potential to treat numerous ailments, even in dogs. It contains cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive compound from the Cannabis Sativa plant. As it lacks the psychoactive effects, it is safe for animal treatment. CBD oil would be an excellent choice to improve the mental wellbeing of your furry friend. To buy organically grown CBD oil, click here.

Situational anxiety, as discussed before, is due to specific situations your dog fears. CBD oil plays a central role in the processing of acquired fear. It interacts with your dog’s endocannabinoid system to soothe them naturally.

One of the most hassle-free ways to give CBD oil to your dog would be to administer it directly to their gums as it allows convenient and accurate dosing. However, if your dog does not tolerate its nutty taste, you can apply it transdermally in their ears or even mix it with their favourite food.

5 Natural Solutions For Your Dog's Anxiety

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2) Bach Flower Essences

Flowers of certain native plants have the ability to calm your dog after unhealthy emotional states. Essences of the Bach flower can be a gentle way to calm your anxious dog. You can give your dog four drops of these essences at least four times a day, either by using a dropper to put it in their mouth or diluting it in their water.

Rescue Remedy, a combination of five Bach essences, is highly effective in reducing symptoms of anxiety after traumatic experiences. Chicory, Red Chestnut, Heather, and Honeysuckle are other essences that you might want to use for your pet struggling with anxiety or over-dependence.

3) Homoeopathic Remedies

Homoeopathy is usually a complementary medicine. It can contribute to the treatment of separation anxiety as it has a holistic approach. Here are a few such remedies that might help your anxious dog”

Dogs usually become fearful and restless after a frightening event such as fireworks or a storm. Homoeopathic veterinarians often recommend aconitum for such dogs.

Argentum Nitricium:
For anticipatory anxiety and accompanied by trembling and loose bowels, Argentum Nitricium might be an ideal choice.

Other homoeopathic remedies such as Belladonna, Nux vomica, Ignatia, and others are beneficial for dog anxiety as well.

5 Natural Solutions For Your Dog's Anxiety

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4) Essential Oils

Essential oils are a safe way to administer potent plant extracts to your dog. There are two common ways to administer essential oils. As dogs are scent-driven animals, aromatherapy with the help of a diffuser would be ideal. The second method would be applying them topically. You must exercise caution and ensure that you dilute these concentrated oils before using it on your pet’s skin.

When your dog inhales the odours, the olfactory bulb receptors carry this information to various parts of the brain, including the hypothalamus. It then produces a calming effect. Pairing Lavender Oil, along with Cedarwood, can help promote relaxation in your dog. Other oils such as Frankincense, Violet Leaf, Orange, Neroli, and others may also help.

5) Herbs

Natural and holistic remedies such as medicinal herbs might work wonders for your dog. Usually, veterinarians suggest using a combination of herbs with other therapy treatments for dogs. It can alleviate symptoms of anxiety and reduce your pet’s reliance on other medications.

St. John’s Wort:
St. John’s Wort is a common alternative for prescription antidepressants. It can help treat mild depression and psychological stress in your pet owing to its anti-anxiolytic property and analgesic effects. St. John’s Wort, when used in combination with other herbs such as chamomile and passionflower, can help treat separation anxiety effectively.

Valerian Root:
Valerian is a popular natural sedative, helpful in nervous anxiety. If your dog is anxious because of any underlying fear, this herb might be the best-suited for them. It helps reduce anxiety by encouraging muscle relaxation and promoting quality sleep.

Other herbs that might help your dog are passionflower, chamomile, skullcap, oat straw, etc.

5 Natural Solutions For Your Dog's Anxiety

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Final Thoughts

It’s not easy to see your furry friend so distressed. As a pet parent, it is your responsibility to recognize the signs and help them with their struggle. The natural remedies, as discussed above, can help improve your pet’s quality of life.

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