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5 Key Tips: How to Boost Your Pet Blog

5 Key Tips: How to Boost Your Pet Blog

Have you ever wondered about the purpose of blogging?

Well it depends on who is doing the blogging. If it’s a business owner or marketing expert, their aim is to increase brand awareness. If it’s an individual offering tips, it’s just that: sharing knowledge with their target audience. What about pet blogs? They are really popular among animal lovers. Their purpose is to share experience, help other people learn more about their pets, and simply document the life of our companions.

Yoda the Pit Bull, for example, is a very simple blog that doesn’t have too much traffic and is not extremely popular. But for Yoda’s owners, it’s a precious online diary. Other blogs, such as Rocky the Traveller for example, are highly popular and actually making money.

Whatever your reasons for blogging may be, you’ll have more fun if you boost the blog’s popularity. You’ll attract more visitors, and you’ll connect with other pet owners. Plus, blogging can lead to some passive income if you do it really well.

Are you ready for some effective tips on how to boost your pet blog?

5 Tips: How to Make Your Pet Blog More Popular

1. Get Good Equipment

Visual content is going to be a huge part of your pet blog. We’re talking about a personal pet blog, which is going to feature your pet. Yes, you may throw in tips and value articles in the mix, but this will mostly be about your pet.
So no stock photos, okay?

You need a good camera that allows you to take professional-like photographs. Check out Rocky the Traveller that we mentioned above. Those are definitely not smartphone photos. The guy knows how to use a camera and he clearly has a good one.

Without high-quality photos, your blog has minimal chances of success.

So see the camera as an investment in this endeavor. In addition, you should consider taking an online photography course. There are free ones on Coursera!

2. Write High-Quality Content

Blogging is all about the content, and we don’t limit the idea of content to visuals. You’ll need to write actual articles.

This is where your blogging skills should shine.

What’s a good blog post made of?

  • It’s clean and easy to read. This means that no grammar and spelling mistakes are allowed. It’s best to stay away from complex phrases and sentences. Don’t make your style overly intellectual; that’s not what the audience is attracted to.
  • It’s useful. Whether it’s just a personal experience or actual tips, the reader should gain some use out of it. When you share experience, do it in a way that the reader learns from it. Or at least make them laugh!

3. Know When to Expand

So you started posting content and you managed to maintain a regular blogging schedule. That’s important. You want to make your audience used to getting content from you, so they will check your blog on a regular basis. Otherwise, they will be impressed by a post and then simply forget about the blog that featured it.

When you stick to a schedule and you start getting more visits, you should start thinking about expansion. How about a boost of the frequency? That would get you more visits, and that’s equal to more opportunities for sponsorships and brand collaborations.

If you cannot fit that much blogging into your life, you can always count on the writers and editors at ProEssayWriting. They will take your instructions and deliver the content on time.

4. Take It to Social Media

Our Wild Tails is an awesome website dedicated to Henry and Baloo – the best friends who love camping and outdoor adventures. It’s not just a blog; it’s a business, too. The fans can get calendars and items with the faces of their favorite Internet celebrities.

But how did Henry and Baloo become famous? It all started with a post that Instagram shared on the official profile of the platform. Millions of people saw that post. Many of them checked out the profile and started following it. Currently, this Instagram profile has just above a million of followers.

Why is this important? If your pet blog gains attention on social media, people will start visiting the website. That’s where you can sell your calendars and other items.

5. Show Your Love!

Henry and Baloo are what we call Instagram influencers. Brands contact their owners for promotional purposes. We’ve seen brands being promoted through this profile, but it never became commercial. That’s because the owners love their pets so much and they show that through every photograph and caption they share.

When you want to grow your blog, you mustn’t allow that to turn you into a profit seeker. It’s your pet. You love him/her. Even if the blog doesn’t make you money, it doesn’t matter. It’s there to show your love and to get you connected with other people who love animals.

Keep It Up!

Blogging is a long-term activity. If you engage in it, you’ll find a way to keep it interesting. You love spending time with your pet, so half of the work is already done. Just keep sharing your experience!

Becky Holton Becky Holton is a journalist and a blogger. She is interested in education technologies and is always ready to support informative speaking. Follow her on Twitter.

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