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5 Insanely Simple Tips to Making Your Dog’s Life Much Longer

5 Insanely Simple Tips to Making Your Dog’s Life Much Longer

When people buy a dog and start having a bond with their dog, the question that comes to the mind is “how long will my dog stay by my side?” Sometimes we can’t even stand the thought of losing our beloved pet. Generally, the life span of dogs is between 9-13 years. But this depends on the size or weight of the dog and also the breed of the dog.

Smaller dogs tend to live longer than the larger ones and some breeds have a longer expectancy than some others. So, are you wondering what to do to make your dog friend stay with you longer? These steps work like the expert tips you can get from edugeeks club.

1. Watch what your dog eats

Dogs with lighter weight would live longer than heavy ones. Humans are not the only ones who suffer from obesity and its consequences, dogs suffer from it too. This understanding should inform your decision on how to feed your dog. You can place your dog on a low-calorie food or more preferably, a restricted calorie diet.

However, you might want your vet to take note of this. Make sure the transition in diet is not just sudden, but make it gradual. It won’t be advisable to just cut down on your dog’s diet. Don’t just buy anything for your dog to eat as though you are buying essay.

Let your dog’s health be one of your utmost priorities. Change your dog’s water regularly. This is also very important since water can easily get contaminated by a lot of things that can be harmful to your dog’s health.

2. Allow your dog to exercise

Exercises are important in the longevity of your dog. They help in strengthening your dog’s muscles and ensuring that your dog is still able to move around even in its last years. You don’t need rigorous exercises to keep your dog in shape, simple always does it. Take a walk with your dog or play a game of catch.

Get some toys for your dog. Sometimes, people get a doggy treadmill for their dogs just in case they don’t have the time to take their dogs on walks. You can even make it more fun by dancing with your dog. Make the exercise routine consistent and it will amaze you how it will keep your dog’s body and mind healthy.

3. Visit the vet even if your dog doesn’t look sick

Don’t wait until you see your dog sick before you visit the vet. Deadlines are not always the best and even those who do AustralianWritings know the importance of this fact. It’s advisable to visit the vet at least twice a year and you can make it more frequent as the dog reaches its old age.

Check-ups are as good for animals as they are for humans. The vet is able to detect problems early before they start to manifest and this would save you a lot. Also, don’t overlook any symptom that is unusual, like drooling and loss of appetite. Notice changes in the normal behavioral patterns of your dog. This will help you to detect anything before it goes wrong. You should also ensure you don’t overlook or underestimate any expert advice about your dog.

4. Spend time with your dog to keep it happy

A healthy body and a healthy mind are what it takes for a long life. The truth is that you might not be able to extend the life of your dog past the expectancy for its breed, but you can optimize it. Spend time with your dog, keep it happy and maintain its emotional health.

You can liken your dog’s emotional health to that of humans. I’ve felt happy on many special occasions, sometimes because I was able to get superior dissertation and some other times because I had loved ones around me. Nothing compares to the happiness that your pet receives from you. It boosts your dog’s morale and makes it want to live more days. Leaving your dog bored can cause a lot of things like depression, anxiety and sickness. Enjoy the moments you have with your dog while you have it.

5. Make your dog’s house comfortable for it to rest

Create a house for your dog and make sure the house is comfortable for it. Use soft foams and blankets for your dog so it can get a good night rest. There are orthopedic beds made for older dogs to have a more comfortable sleep.

According to a research article by, the importance of having a house for your dog is that; it boosts its confidence and allows it to feel welcome especially, if it’s an adopted dog. You should also make it easy for your dog to move around the house. As your dog gets older, movement may not be so smooth because of arthritis and some other age-related conditions. Ramps could be very useful in helping your dog move up and down the staircase. Always make your dog feel as comfortable as possible.


Your dog might not get to live with you forever, but you can make it enjoy its maximum life expectancy by applying the simple tips discussed above. Your dog’s health solely depends on your ability to harness the tips you’ve learnt.

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