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5 Habits to Help Keep your Pet Fit

5 Habits that Help Keep your Pet Fit

It is not an easy job to stay fit as humans and that’s no different for your pet as well. Pet obesity is a real condition and it’s important to provide and maintain a healthy living condition for your pet in order for them to stay fit. Here are a few simple tips to make sure you pet receives adequate amount of physical activity and exercise to stay fit.

1. Be careful about what you feed

It is absolutely necessary to monitor your pet’s feeding habits. Make sure you feed them portions enough to fulfil their daily requirements and not extra. Many times, your dog is over feeding without having you to realize it. If you feel your pet is gaining weight at a faster rate, reduce the amount of food you give them and focus more on physical exercise. If your pet is already obese, cut down on the serving size and make sure you add a routine of some extra exercise.

2. Some form of daily physical activity is extremely important. Keep yourself motivated for daily walks with your pet. Remind yourself how important physical activity is for you and your dog both. You can also use this time to bond with your pet and spend some quality time. Thirty minutes of exercise on daily basis.

Habits that Help Keep your Pet Fit

3. Apart from walking, you can engage your pet in playful activities on daily basis. These activities include playing with Frisbee, fetching, playing with the Babble Ball, tug ‘n toss, hide & seek and jumping hurdles. Playing with your dog and engaging them in activities on daily basis, also helps reduce stress.

4. Reduce on pet treats and snacks

Pet treats and snacks can be a nasty source of unnecessary calories. Rather than giving them sugary treats and snacks at odd timings, make it a habit to treat them with fruits and veggies. Fruits and vegetables are a healthy source of calories, saving them from unnecessary preservatives and sugars.

Habits that Help Keep your Pet Fit

5. Check your pet’s weight on weekly basis. Use cups or a measuring scale to measure the amount of food you feed them per day. Make sure you follow a proper routine to feed your pet at specific times of the day.

Keeping your pet fit will help them stay healthy and agile. Remember that your pet relies on your efforts and support in order to stay physically fit which is why you need to stay invested and make sure you are a part of their well-being.

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