5 Dangers of Raw Diets for Dogs

5 Dangers of Raw Diets for Dogs

Raw diets usually consist of animal meat, bones, organ meat, raw eggs, raw vegetables, fruits and yogurt. As suggested by the name, the food is not cooked and fed raw. Below mentioned are some dangers of raw diets for dogs:

1. Dogs do not essentially require meat and can easily digest starch. Basically they aren’t wolves; their ancestors require meat in their diet. Over thousands of years, they have evolved to live as domestic animals alongside of humans and hence, do not necessarily require meat in their diets.

2. Raw diets are always balanced. According to research they are excessively rich in vitamin A and vitamin D and deficient in calcium and phosphorus. If an unbalanced diet is continued over long stretches of time, it may lead to serious health issues.

3. Raw food diet is usually known to be contaminated. Meat is most commonly found to be contaminated with several kinds of bacteria including Salmonella, E. coli and campylobacter. It is also known to be contaminated by worms and parasites. If raw meat isn’t treated properly to eradicate these contaminants, your dog can go down with serious infections and disease.

4. Raw food diet may pose extra health risks as meat and bones are known to contain highest amount of toxins and chemicals.

5. Since raw diet consists of bones and other solids, they may cause internal injury or obstruction, causing choking or constipation to your puppy.

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