5 Best Chew Toys for Your Teething Puppy

Puppies come in all breeds and sizes. The chew toys you choose for your furry friend must be selected with care. A puppy needs to have appropriate chew toys, or else he or she will chew on whatever is available, such as your favorite slippers or the leg of a coffee table. With that being said, no matter which chew toys you purchase for your pup, he needs supervision.


Best Features

A chew toy should be rugged enough to hold up through frequent chewing, and it should be easy to clean. Safe nylon dog toys are readily available online. Under normal chewing, they will get tiny bristle-like projections that help clean teeth. If these tiny pieces, no larger than a grain of rice, are ingested, they should pass through with no problems.

Flavored Dog Chew Toys

Flavored chews are loved by dogs of all ages. They come in a variety of flavors and sizes. Here are some favorite dog chews and toys nationwide: Flavorit BarkBone, Babble Balls, X-Tire Balls, Nylon Antlers, and Kong Ballistic toys.


No dog toy or chew is totally indestructible. Inspect the toy before you give it to your pup to make sure there are no chips or pieces missing. If he has gnawed the knobs off the end of the bone shaped chew, you should throw it away and get a replacement. Some chew toys for puppies will only hold up until he is about nine months old. By that age, the power of his jaws might be able to break off pieces of the chew toys.

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