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4 Tips on How You Can Get Pets Adopted For Clear the Shelters Day!

4 Tips on How You Can Get Pets Adopted For Clear the Shelters Day!

About the Author: Meg Marrs is the Founder of K9 of Mine, a resource website dedicated to helping owners take the very best care of their canines!

Clear the Shelters day is coming up fast – let’s work together to get every one of our four-legged pals adopted! To help make this a successful adoption event, we’re sharing a few tips about how you can help get your own nearby animal shelter cleared out on August 17th!

1. Volunteer at Your Local Animal Shelter on Aug 17th and Beyond!

Most shelters are very short staffed, so it’s usually tough for shelters to give very much hands-on attention to visitors.

The problem is that even the best animal shelters can be really stressful for visitors, and a little bit of hand-holding and guidance can go a long way! You can be a huge help by assisting potential adopters and showing them around the shelter.

The truth is that people don’t like having too many options, and if you volunteer at a larger city shelter, the number of pets available can be pretty daunting. If possible, try to talk with visitors and point them in the direction of certain dogs that meet their dream-dog criteria.

We actually have a dog adoption guide and scorecard that can help potential adopters evaluate exactly what they want in a dog. But if you don’t have the opportunity to go over a scorecard with the visitors, at least try to keep a list of dogs that meet the most popular criteria: kid-friendly, dog-friendly, and house trained!

Now of course your neighborhood shelter will want all hands on deck for Clear the Shelters day, but if you can continue to volunteer on weekends, even better! Weekends and holidays tend to be the busiest times at shelters, so being available to help out at those times will greatly benefit the shelter.

2. Pin Up Pup Posters at Local Cafes

If you already regularly volunteer at a neighborhood shelter, this is a great time to make fun flyers featuring your favorite shelter pups and their key qualities.

Getting pooches adopted is as much about marketing as anything else, so sticking up your little guy’s flyer at neighborhood bistros or community centers will truly do wonders!

On the off chance that you can get a couple of flyers up before Saturday, it will give potential adopters a few dogs they’ll recognize and want to make a point of meeting when they come in for Clear The Shelters Day!

3. Welcome a Foster Pet Into Your Home

Many pooches get stressed out by the shelter environment and wind up having their behavior deteriorate considerably. You’d be astonished how many dogs who pull, bark, and jump up on strangers become ideal pets once they are in a tranquil home instead of the loud, hectic shelter.

Since numerous canines show immensely improved conduct in home environments, they become considerably more adoptable when potential pet parents arrive for a meet and greet.

They no longer see the crazy, rambunctious, stressed-out shelter dog. Instead they get to meet the more calm and polite pooch that has been able to thrive in a foster home!

Consider opening your home up to a canine in need and help them learn what life is like in a calm and supportive environment!

4. Photograph Local Shelter Pets For Flatting Photos

While we aren’t all ace photographers, those who do have involvement in photography can have a big affect the lives of shelter pets.

Most shelter pets don’t have the best online profile pics. It’s not uncommon for a shelter pup’s pic to be snapped when the pooch first arrives. They’re terrified and scruffy-looking. These photographs certainly don’t capture the pooch’s best side!

Expert (or beginner) picture takers can utilize their pet photography skills to catch shelter dogs in their best light, showing off their one-of-a-kind charm and character!

A good photograph can be what drives a potential adopter to come in and meet the puppy they fell in love with online!

Will you help out your neighborhood shelter on August 17th? Do you have some other thoughts regarding how to make this the best Clear the Shelters day yet?

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