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4 Easiest Dog Breeds to Own

4 Easiest Dog Breeds to Own

Dogs are not the easiest pets to take home and take care of. Especially if you have zero experience in raising one, owning a dog can be an extremely challenging task. Fortunately, there are breeds that require less effort in taking care of than others. In fact, here are 5 of the easiest dog breeds to own.

Basset hounds

If you are a complete novice, you might want to start with a breed that is generally less active, not so big in size, and practically maintenance-free – essentially the defining characteristics of Basset hounds. This breed, although still occasionally sheds, has short and often tangle-resistant hair. They might be bigger than toy dogs, but they are certainly still easy enough to carry and dress up with dog outfits. Also, they just like chilling on the floor so you don’t have to worry about them running around and accidentally bumping into things. However, because of this laid back nature, this breed is often at risk of becoming obese. So, you might want to remember that if you’re willing to try a Basset hound.


Even though they often look intimidating and menacing; bulldogs are generally calm and patient dogs, what makes them a good choice for beginner dog owners. These medium-sized canines are also highly intelligent so training them is a bit easier than teaching other breeds. On top of these, they also don’t bark as much, so you don’t need to worry about disturbing the neighbors.

Labrador retrievers

Not exactly as laid back as the others, Labrador retrievers make it to this list because they can learn almost anything – from housetraining, to flushing the toilet, to even picking up the mail (just expect the mail to be a little damp). These highly intelligent dogs are also avid people-pleasers. So whatever effort you put into training, this dog will return to you in terms of affection and loyalty.

You may have to put in some grueling work in teaching them, especially when they are young, but all these training eventually pay off. After all, they are not considered the most popular dog breed in America for nothing.


There are various reasons why pugs are often suggested to novices. The biggest reason is their size. Since pugs are generally small, they occupy less space, shed less, and make less mess. However, there is nothing small about this dog’s personality. In fact, they are often described as extroverts, because they are so welcoming that they have no problems being friendly even to strangers.

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