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3 Things To Know Before Getting a Dog

3 Things To Know Before Getting a Dog

Getting a family dog is a picturesque dream for many. There’s nothing like the idea of a cute puppy at your feet who you envision remaining your loyal companion for years to come. You may picture a dog nestled at your side whenever you need someone to help you through tough moments. You may also see visions of your family dog running happily alongside your children and growing up with them. Yet, despite thinking that getting a dog may be the solution to all of your problems, many people soon realize that there are a lot of challenges involved with owning a dog.

A dog is a considerable amount of work and responsibility; responsibilities that people may not be ready for in the long run. As a result, many dog owners wind up giving their dogs away, resulting in yet another abandoned puppy.

Before you make the commitment to getting a dog, it’s important that you know what you’re in for. Take a look at some of the most important things that you should consider before you bring home a dog to your family.

The Breed

Not all dogs are created equally. Some dog breeds are more complicated than others and require different kinds of care. Certain breeds, for example, may need to be walked more often, while others hardly need to be walked at all. Before you choose a certain kind of dog, it’s important that you are sure about the breed that you choose. Get to know what kind of dog is the right fit for your lifestyle. Between the size of your house, to whether you have a backyard or not, it’s important to take all of your lifestyle factors into consideration.


A lot of people think that dogs are like cats. However, cats are much less hands-on than canines. Dogs are extremely time-consuming and require a lot of love and attention. If dogs aren’t given enough of your love and affection, it won’t be long until they start acting up. Dogs lacking attention are known for doing anything from chewing your shoes to digging holes.

They may even end up going pee and poop all over your floors. It’s important to ask yourself whether you have the kind of schedule that can commit to being a dog parent. You can’t go on vacation without considering how your dog will be cared for. You’ll need to plan how your dog will be looked after while you’re gone. If you’re not ready for that kind of responsibility, then you’re not ready to have a dog.


Don’t make the mistake of believing that the cost of a dog ends after the initial purchase. The truth is that dogs cost a considerable amount of money over time. From their vaccines and food to any illnesses that they may develop over the years.

You should count on paying at least several thousand per year, depending on the breed and size of your dog.

If your dog develops any serious health problems, you could find yourself with vet bills that could send you into serious debt. If you have children, you may already have a considerable amount of financial responsibility under your belt. Ask yourself whether a pet truly fits into your budget realistically.

Although there is pet insurance available, it doesn’t cover all situations. It’s important to understand that if a worst-case scenario does happen with your pet, you’ll be responsible for covering the costs. If you don’t have the financial capability of taking care of a dog for life, then you aren’t ready to be a pet owner.

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