3 Things You can Do to Prevent Over-reliance on Medication

As a pet parent, I respect medication. I have reverted to medication countless times, and my dogs have been saved countless times by medication.

However, I am also aware that having any of my dogs overly relying on medication can be dangerous because the dog’s immune system might ‘forget’ how to fight disease on its own if it’s used to getting assisted every time. Instead of having to decide between administering medication and having my dog try to fight disease on its own, I have preferred to take the prevention route.

3 Things You can Do to Prevent Over-reliance on Medication

When it comes to health and diseases in both man and beast, prevention is better than cure. Here are a number of things dog owners can do to prevent illnesses in their pooches and to make sure that medication is administered when it’s absolutely necessary, so that it’s more effective.

Healthy diet & exercise

Feeding your dog a healthy diet provides him with all the necessary nutrition to fight disease. Make sure you always feed the dog a balanced diet, and if you are not able to come up with the diet, buy food that has been approved for your dog’s size and breed. Walks and other forms of exercise ensure the dog is in a healthy weight and this wads off diseases caused by being overweight.

Pet safe environment

I once wrote about a dog we lost due to food poisoning. The dog was taken to the park by our nephews who were not as careful on keeping an eye on him. He wandered into the bushes and ate something poisonous that took his life. He was our very first dog by the way and we were devastated by his loss.

3 Things You can Do to Prevent Over-reliance on Medication

I attribute his loss to safe environments. Keeping a pet safe environment around the house can save you and your dog a lot of grief. Think of the number of accidents you prevent when you make sure all your electrical cords are out of his way and all the connections are properly insulated. By ensuring things that can cause harm to your dog are kept out of his way, you save the costs on medication and minimize his need for medication.


Over and beyond their usual balanced diet, give your dog supplements such as multi-vitamins, omega fatty acids and joint support products (especially for breeds prone to joint problems). This way you aid the dog’s immune system to fight disease before he falls ill and avoid the need to visit a vet, again saving you medical costs and the need to use medication on your dog.

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