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3 Steps to Choose the Best Chew Toys for Your Dog

As chewing is good for your dog’s mental and physical health equally, it is essential that you provide your dog with several different safe as well as appropriate toys to chew on. If you fail to do so, your dogs are going to find their own chew “toys,” which time and again wind up being your most expensive pair of shoes, the legs of your dining chairs, electric cords, and even your arm!


To avoid this, follow the three steps listed below to help you choose the best chew toys for your dog.

Step 1: Figure out Your Dog’s Chew Personality

Before you shop for chew toys, it is essential to understand what type of chewer your dog is: their Chew Personality. We have listed down three most common chew personalities which dogs have. Which one best suits your dog?


Inhalers bite off huge chunks of edible, chewable items and swallow them fast, which is why they are also notoriously known to be “Gulpers.”


These dogs try to, and mostly succeed in meticulously destroying whatever chewable item they get their mouths on!


These dogs are not fighter they are lovers. They can take time and savor their chews and toys bit by bit, giving them the awe and attention they want.

Step 2: The Best Chew Toy Choices for Each Chew Personality

Now that you have figured out your dog’s Chew Personality, here are some general kinds of toys and chews that are most likely to be innocuous yet entertaining for your dog’s chewing style.

For Inhalers

1. Rubber (firm) chew toys

2. Tennis balls

3. Rope chew toys

4. Stuffed toys

For Destroyers

1. Rawhides

2. Edible chews and treats

3. Bully sticks

4. Nylon chew toys

5. Babble Balls

For Nibblers

1. Rawhides

2. Edible chews and treats

3. Bully sticks

4. Rubber chew toys

5. Tennis balls

6. Rope chew toys

7. Plush toys

Step 3: Buy a Quality Chew Toy

Follow the simple guide below to ensure whatever you choose is a quality product for your dog.


Apply the thumbnail test: If the toy does not “give” a little bit when you press it with your thumbnail, then it is too hard for your dog and could break their teeth.

Softness and  Resilience

The chew toy also should not be so soft or poorly constructed that your dog can chew it separately and swallow pieces, chunks, or the stuffing inside.


It shouldn’t be coated or treated with flavors that can lead to digestive problems.


You should be able to put the dog toys in the washing machine/clothes dryer to be periodically cleaned and disinfected.

Size and Shape

It shouldn’t be so small that your dog could choke while chewing on it, furthermore it should not be a shape that they could get their tongue or muzzle stuck in it.

Entertainment Value

It should be able to provide hours of chewing entertainment and distraction, either because it will last a long time, you can stuff it with treats/food, or your dog enjoys playing with it.

Follow the above mentioned steps to ensure you get a chew toy which your dog will not only enjoy, but which will last a lifetime as well!

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