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3 Pets That Can Help Minimize Household Pests

3 Pets That Can Help Minimize Household Pests

If you have had issues with household pests in the past, you may have tried using various pest control options to get your problem under control. While some of these may have worked for you, if you’re having chronic issues with certain pests, you may want to consider using a more natural approach to your pest problem: the food chain.

To help you in doing this on your own property, there are three pets you can get that will help you to minimize the number of household pests you have to deal with.

Using Cats To Control Rodent Populations

One of the most common and well-used pets that homeowners and the like will use to keep pests away, especially rodents, are cats.

According to Jen Christensen, a contributor to CNN, cats are great at keeping rodents away because, not only will they chase and catch them with their quick reflexes and stealth, but they can also keep rodents away with their scent. When cats rub up on things, they leave behind an odor that rodents can detect and will steer clear of. So if you’re looking for an effective way to keep rodents away, getting a cat or two is a great option.

Dogs and Bed Bugs

While some breeds of dogs are great hunters and can help you keep rodents and other small animals away from your property, many people don’t know that dogs can also be used to detect bed bugs with surprising accuracy.

Lisa Jo Lupo, a contributor to The Spruce, shares that many pest control companies have trained dogs to sniff out bed bugs within a home or a specific room within a building. This can be done similarly to how dogs can be trained to sniff out bombs or drugs for police purposes. In fact, some dogs have even been trained to sniff out termites in addition to bed bugs.

Beating Outdoor Bugs With Chickens

For those who are struggling with bed around their homes or in their yards or gardens, getting some chickens may be a great option for you.

By using free-range chickens to wander around your property, Kristofor Husted, a contributor to, shares that you can naturally get rid of all kinds of bugs that the chickens love to eat. This can be especially helpful for a garden because the chickens make it so you don’t have to spray pesticides in order to keep the bugs away. Additionally, chickens can also help to fertilize your yard or garden as well.

If you’re wanting to get rid of pests around your home or property by using their natural predators to keep the population down, consider using the animals mentioned above to help you do this.

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